DIN Rail Safety Relays Datasheets

Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay -- 440C-CR30-22BBB
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Software configured safety relay, PLe SIL 3,22 Safety I/O, embedded serial port,USB programming port, 2 Plug-in slots, 24.0V DC [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN; Panel
Dual Safety Relay Module -- ADSRO
from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

Family of safety relays for the interfacing of one integrated light curtain equipped with the EDM (external device monitoring) function, that is of the series EOS4 X, Admiral AX, Vision VX/VXL/MXL and Janus. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS INCLUDE. For use with REER light curtains EOS4, EOS2, Admiral AX, Janus... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
  • AC Voltage: 250
  • Maximum Switching Current: 2.00
  • NO: 2
PSR-MXF Multifunctional Safety Relay

The PSR-MXF multifunctional safety relay is the newest addition to the Phoenix Contact PSR safety relay line. This relay can help small and medium machine builders reduce cost and save space. The PSR-MXF accepts up to three dual-channel safety sensors: two local, independent sensor circuits, as well... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
Fail-to-Safe Standstill Monitor -- FWS 1205
from Schmersal Inc.

Fail-To-Safe Standstill Monitors Safety Category (EN954-1). Safe Solutions for your Industry. Schmersal is focused on machine safety - protection for man and machine. For over 65 years Schmersal has developed a reputation for the design and manufacture of machine safeguarding switches that satisfy... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
  • DC Voltage: 24
  • AC Voltage: 230
  • Inputs: 2
Shock Relay for Overload Protection -- TSBSB05
from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

TSBSB Shock Relay series – Overload protection has built-in reset button, test button, fail-safe contacts with manual and automatic reset feature. TSBSB Shock Relay senses the problem before downtime, maintenance, and equipment damage occur, saving you time and money. Install it on a line, set... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN; Mounting Plate
  • Type: Requires AC Power Supply; Requires DC Power Supply
  • Maximum Switching Current: 6.00
Expansion Relays -- E1T

More Outputs. By connecting expansion relays to a safety relay it is easy to increase the number of safe outputs. This means that an unlimited number of dangerous machine operations and functions can be stopped from one safety relay/PLC. Safe Soft Stop. When a gate is opened a program stop is first... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
  • AC Voltage: 250
  • Maximum Switching Current: 12.00
  • DC Voltage: 24
Contactor,Mini,2NO/2NC,DC Operated CoilVoltage 24VDC with suppression -- 70033863 [J7KNA-AR-22 24VS from Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Main Contactor Features: AC and DC Operated. 4-, 6- and 8-Pole Versions in Different Configurations. Mirror Contacts. Screw Fixing and Snap Fitting (35 mm DIN Rail). Rated Current = 10 A (I). Suitable for Electronic Devices (DIN 19240). Finger Proof (BGV A2). 2- and 4-Pole Additional Auxiliary... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN; Panel
  • Channels: Single Throw
  • Maximum Switching Current: 10.00
Safety Controllers and Modules -- DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Safety Modules
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Modules work with Banner STB self-checking touch buttons or can be retrofitted with existing mechanical palm buttons to create a complete, ergonomic two-hand control system. To ensure reliability, modules have a diverse-redundant microcontroller circuit and multiple redundant, force-guided... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
  • Type: Requires AC Power Supply; Requires DC Power Supply
AS-i Basis Safety Monitor

This safety monitor is intended for the smallest AS-i safety systems. With this safety monitor, the smallest safety applications can be implemented with AS-i, something which was previously unthinkable for cost reasons. The programming of the safety application is done quickly and simply with the... [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN
from Newark / element14

; Coil Voltage VAC Nom:24V; Contact Current Max:4A; Contact Voltage AC Nom:230V; Relay Mounting:DIN Rail; External Height:99mm; External Width:22.5mm; External Depth:114.5mm [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN