PN Photodiode Photosensor Modules Datasheets

Surface Mount Logic Output Photodetector -- LIM158FS
from Light in Motion LLC

Description. The device consists of a photodiode, a linear amplifier, a. voltage regulator, a Schmitt trigger and an open collector. output transistor. The Schmitt trigger provides hysteresis. for noise immunity and pulse shaping. The open. collector output allows interfacing with various logic... [See More]

  • Module Type: PN Photodiode
  • Supply Voltage: 16
  • Output Type: Current Output
Miniature Surface-Mount Ambient Light Photo Sensor -- APDS-9008
from Avago Technologies

The APDS-9008 is a low cost true 1.8V analog-output ambient photo sensor in miniature chipLED lead free surface mount package. It consists of a photo sensor, whose spectral response is close to the CIE standard photopic observer. The APDS-9008 is ideal for portable electronic devices applications in... [See More]

  • Module Type: PN Photodiode
  • Effective Area Diameter or Length: 1.6
  • Output Type: Voltage Output
  • Spectral Response: 565
Cellestial CES Light Sensor -- CES-A
from PLC-Multipoint, Inc.

The CES belongs to a family of sensors that monitor either task or ambient light levels precisely. The light level measured is converted to an analog signal that is sent to the controller of the Energy Management System (EMS). The CES allows the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Energy Management... [See More]

  • Module Type: PN Photodiode
  • Effective Area Diameter or Length: 32.51
  • Output Type: Voltage Output
  • Window Material: Opaque