5 Gallon Drum Heaters Datasheets

Flexidrum Barrel Heater -- HFD Series
from Acrolab Ltd.

Flexidrum heaters are made of layers of fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber sheets. When these sheets are vulcanized and bonded under heat and pressure, they form a material that can withstand industrial rough usage, and is highly flexible, durable and tough. Prior to vulcanization, the electrical... [See More]

  • Drum Size: 5 Gallon (optional feature); 15 Gallon (optional feature); 30 Gallon (optional feature); 55 Gallon (optional feature)
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 240
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 400
  • kWatts: 0.30 to 1.50
Xtremeduty™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass Woven Drum Heaters -- PHD
from Chromalox

Grounded heating element for Safe Operation. Applications. Freeze Protection. Melting of Low Melting Point Solids such as Paraffin, Resins and Chocolate. Viscosity Control of Fluids such as Paint, Syrups and Honey. Maintenance of Materials for Roofing, Chimney and Vent Pipe Work [See More]

  • Drum Size: 5 Gallon; 15 Gallon; 30 Gallon; 55 Gallon
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 240
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 450
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
Drum Heater -- BF2006
from Benchmark Thermal Corp.

Drum Heaters. BENCHMARK THERMAL flexible drum heaters can heat stored fluids to a pourable temperature. Manufactured of high strength woven fiberglass core covered with silicone rubber. Durable, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. flexibility allows roll-up for convenient storage. BENCHMARK... [See More]

  • Drum Size: 5 Gallon
  • kWatts: 0.40
  • AC Voltage Required: 120
  • Heater Type: Wrap Around