8-Bit Microprocessor Chips (MPU) Datasheets

Embedded - Microprocessors -- 269-3004-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

IC MPU Z180 6MHZ 80QFP [See More]

  • Data Bus: 8-Bit
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Microprocessor Family: Z80; Z80180
  • Package Type: Other; 80-BQFP
IC ADC 8BIT MPU 8CH MUX 28-PLCC -- ADC0809CCV [ADC0809CCV from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog]
from Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG

Karl Kruse  is a worldwide leading franchised distributor (ISO: 9001-2008 certified). A service provider specializing in the supply and material management of electronic components, since 1951. We are an innovative company who is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop... [See More]

  • Data Bus: 8-Bit
  • Package Type: PLCC
8-Bit Mircoprocessor -- 8080A
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

Intel developed the 8080A microprocessor and its family of support peripherals for military applications [See More]

  • Data Bus: 8-Bit
  • Microprocessor Family: Intel 8080A Family
  • Architecture: RISC
  • Package Type: DIP
Dual CAN High-Speed Microprocessor -- DS80C390
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The DS80C390 is a fast 8051-compatible microprocessor with dual CAN 2.0B controllers. The redesigned processor core executes 8051 instructions up to 3X faster than the original for the same crystal speed. The DS80C390 supports a maximum crystal speed of 40MHz, resulting in apparent execution speeds... [See More]

  • Data Bus: 8-Bit
  • Features: Watchdog Timer
  • Architecture: CISC
  • Pin Count: 68