Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers and Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic Oxidation
from Branch Environmental Corp.

As the amount of organics in the air decrease, you have to add more supplemental heat. One way to minimize this is to use a Catalyst. Catalysts reduce the temperature required for combustion. For example the operating temperature for a catalytic unit may be in the 600 °F / 300 °C range. This... [See More]

  • Oxidation Technology: Catalytic
  • Airflow: 25004
  • Oxidizer Type: Catalytic
  • Mounting: Indoor
Fugitive Emission Unit
from Analytical Systems Int’l. Keco

The focus of this technology is the use of a catalytic combustion process to oxidize the vented sample while maintaining the atmospheric pressure reference. The unit utilizes a continuous heat source to allow the oxidation process to be effective on 98% of fugitive emissions. Hydrocarbons are... [See More]

  • Oxidation Technology: Catalytic
  • Oxidizer Type: Catalytic
  • Applications: Removal of fugitive emissions and air pollutants from certain areas.
  • Destruction Efficiency / Capability: 98%
Multiple Zeolite Rotor System
from Munters DH

For large process exhaust flows, Munters manufactures concentrator equipment with zeolite rotors arranged in parallel. Single concentrator boxes can be shipped to treat exhaust streams as large as 100,000 cfm (160,000 m3/hr). The concentrated air from each rotor is combined into one stream and sent... [See More]

  • Oxidation Technology: Catalytic; Rotor Concentrator
  • Oxidizer Type: Catalytic
  • Applications: VOC Abatement
  • Airflow: 100000