Integrated Gears Adjustable Speed Drives

Right Angle Harmonic Differential Gearbox -- RA
from Conic Systems

Conic's RA is a patented speed adjusting and phase shifting differential that replaces right angle, planetary differential gearboxes. It combines zero-backlash harmonic gearing with a precision spiral bevel, right angle gearbox. It is available in 1:1 and 2:1 reduction ratios with reversing and... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Output Torque: 292 to 3150
  • Speed Variation: 1.0 to 5.0
  • Shaft Orientation: RightAngle
Miniature Helical Gear Drives (inch) -- A 2Z1A-D21P
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

2:1 Miniature Right Angle Helical Gear Drive with 2 Output shafts [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Shaft Orientation: RightAngle
  • Shaft Speed: 1800
  • Gear Ratio: 2.0
Off Road Vehicle Transmissions CX31-P600 -- 18502745
from Caterpillar Oil & Gas

Your operation depends on the power driving it. And your transmission is as crucial to your power solution as the engine. Cat transmissions are proven in the oil and gas industry and widely known for their exceptional power, leading durability, ease of operation, and shifting options. Ideal... [See More]

  • Shaft Speed: 2100
  • Motor Power: 600
  • Output Torque: 24300
  • Gear Ratio: ? to 4.4
Mechanical Transmissions -- Single Speed Transfer Cases
from Durst

Features. Cast Iron and Aluminum Housings. Optional Shifting (pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical). Optional Disconnects. Optional Differentials. Lube systems available. Optional Inputs (mechanical, hydraulics). Yokes & Flanges (optional). Gearing (helical, spur). Tapered Roller Bearings (ball... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials (optional feature); Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Output Torque: 1500 to 132000
  • Speed Variation: 1.0 to 24.0
  • Mounting: Flange; Yokes
Geared Variable-Speed Coupling -- R..A
from Voith Turbo Inc.

Step-down gear for low-speed driven machines. The coupling is fitted with a helical reduction gear on the output side. By adding a hydrodynamic brake (optional) with a appropriate braking torque characteristic, the heavy masses of the driven machine can be rapidly decelerated. Benefits: Robust... [See More]

  • Drive Type: Gear Drives / Differentials
  • Output Shaft Position: Horizontal
  • Shaft Orientation: Offset Parallel
  • Mounting: Base