Batching Machines Packaging Machines Datasheets

Accu-Count™ -- AC 200
from Automated Packaging Systems

Capable of counting and batching at speeds up to 2,500 packages per hour, this vibratory counter infeed system is engineered with state-of-the-art technology for high-accuracy counting productivity. [See More]

  • Machine Type: Batching; Bagging (optional feature); Counting; Filling (optional feature); SystemIntegration
  • Packaging: Bag; Box Carton; Cartridge
  • Goods: Consumer; BulkOEM
  • Industry: Auto; Cosmetic; Electronics; Household; Medical; Pharm; Plumbing, Hardware, Hobby
Chocolate Clustermatic™ -- CM-12
from FEMC

The FEMC Chocolate Clustermatic ™ is designed to automatically produce large volumes of chocolate clusters that have a hand-crafted appearance. The Clustermatic ™ works well with whole nuts, raisins, coconut, crisped rice, and dried fruit, as well as many other inclusions. The standard... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Batching; Filling (optional feature); SystemIntegration
  • Packaging: CupTray (optional feature)
  • Goods: Nuts, Raisins, Coconut, Chocolate, More
  • Industry: Food; Industrial / General Use
Batch Loss-In Weight Feeder
from Vibra Screw, Inc.

Handles floodable, hot and difficult materials [See More]

  • Machine Type: Batching
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Goods: Powder
  • Industry: Agriculture; Chemical; Food; Pharm; Industrial / General Use; Mining / Aggregate