Cosmetics / Perfumery Packaging Machines Datasheets

Air Operated Table Sealer
from All Packaging Machinery Corporation

Designed for a wide range of applications including candy, paper goods, textiles, bakery, crafts, and many more! Seals and trims bags. Requires compressed air. Models also available with an impulse seal. A spare parts kit is included in the selling price. [See More]

  • Industry: Agriculture; Auto; Chemical; Construction Material; Cosmetic; Electronics; Food; Garment; Household; Medical; Military; MusicVideo; Paint / Coating; Pharm; Stationary; Tobacco; Industrial / General Use; Mining / Aggregate
  • Goods: Consumer
  • Machine Type: Closing; Sealing
  • Packaging: Bag
Liquid Products Closing Machine -- OPTIMA CM1
from Optima Packaging Group GmbH

Features include: Containers. Container or cap feed as bulk goods via fully automatic sorting and optional storage bin. Container classification using a rotary feeder. Container transport using pucks for flexible production and fast conversion. Container transport without pucks possible. Cycled... [See More]

  • Industry: Chemical; Cosmetic; Food
  • Goods: Liquid
  • Machine Type: Closing
  • Closing Method: CapLid
Continuous Motion Horizontal Shrink Wrapper -- HC37
from ARPAC

The HC37 horizontal shrink wrapper is ideal for completely overwrapping individual products at speeds up to 80 packages per minute. The HC37 bottom overlap shrink wrapper creates visually appealing packages for retail display while increasing your product protection. The complete overwrap ensures... [See More]

  • Industry: Cosmetic; Electronics; Food; MusicVideo; Pharm; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Machine Type: Shrink; Wrapping
  • Packaging: Can; Games, Toys, Linens, CDROMs
AB 145™
from Automated Packaging Systems

Designed to be used in bag packaging applications where tie-in to infeed systems such as counters and scales is not required, the AB 145 is a cost-effective bagger for hand-load and semi-automatic bag filling and sealing. The Autobag AB 145 bagger is easy to use and capable of bagging at speeds up... [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Cosmetic; Electronics; Garment; Medical; Fasteners, Connectors, Plumbing, Heating
  • Goods: Consumer; BulkOEM
  • Machine Type: Bagging; FormFillSeal; SystemIntegration
  • Packaging: Bag
Delta Mod-Tech Rotary Converter -- Mod-Tech® Rotary Converter
from Delta Industrial Services, Inc.

The rotary die cutting module, commonly referred to as a die station, is the cornerstone of our converting systems. Each rotary die station can be used for die cutting, nipping, laminating, punching, embossing, slitting or sheeting by simply changing the tool roll. [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Cosmetic; Electronics; Food; Household; Medical; Military; MusicVideo; Pharm; Stationary; Tobacco; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: Consumer
  • Machine Type: Accumulator (optional feature); Filling; FillSeal; Inspection (optional feature); Labeling; Sealing
  • Packaging: Bag
AB Semi-Automatic Filling Machine -- AB Series
from Filamatic

AB Series Machines are medium duty fillers ideal for repetitive dispensing of various liquids for fill volumes ranging from .05 to 260 cc per nozzle. This single nozzle filling machine incorporates a variable speed electrical gearmotor drive. This rotational drive turns a crankshaft that drives a... [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Chemical; Cosmetic; Food; Household; Medical; Paint / Coating; Pharm; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: Liquid
  • Machine Type: Blister; Filling
  • Packaging: Bag; BottleJar; Cartridge; DrumKeg; Tube
"D" Series Packer
from Hamrick Manufacturing & Services, Inc.

PLC controlled, easy product changeover [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Chemical; Cosmetic; Food; Household; Pharm; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Machine Type: Filling; Case Packer
  • Packaging: BottleJar; Box Carton; Case; Non-Round Containers
Tube Labeler -- CTM 360a
from MPI Label Systems

The 360a Tube Labeler is a self-contained unit for applying pressure sensitive labels to various sizes of tubes/cylinders often used in the cosmetic, health, automotive, and household industries. The unit has an infeed hopper that product can be loaded into. Tubes are released from the hopper down a... [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Cosmetic; Household; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: Consumer
  • Machine Type: Labeling
  • Packaging: Tube; Cylinders
Norden Cartoning Machines -- NP 1400
from Norden Machinery AB

1.5kW standard, hot melt device, optional integration with NM1400 [See More]

  • Industry: Cosmetic; Food; Household; Pharm
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Machine Type: Cartoning
  • Packaging: Box Carton
Bulk Liquid Filling System -- MEGA/FILL®
from Oden Corporation

Net weight bulk filling, no scales; free flowing to viscous; 5 to 500gal [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Chemical; Cosmetic; Food; Household; Paint / Coating; Pharm; PCP, Petroleum; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: Liquid
  • Machine Type: Filling
  • Packaging: Bag; DrumKeg; PalletIBC; Tote
Dempack™ Shrink Wrap System -- Model H18
from PAC Machinery Group

The Dempack H18 is a combination seal/shrink machine for moderate production quantities for a wide variety of industries including cds and bakery goods. The H18 operates with a shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the film sealing and... [See More]

  • Industry: Auto; Cosmetic; Electronics; Food; Garment; Household; MusicVideo; Pharm; Stationary; Tobacco; Industrial / General Use
  • Goods: Powder; Consumer
  • Machine Type: Blister; Sealing; Shrink
  • Packaging: Shrink Film
Tabletop Screw Capping Machines -- FC10/32
from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

FC10 and FC32 are semi-automatic machines for tightening screw caps on to bottles. PROTECTION FROM REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY. Place the cap on the top. of the bottle and activate the FC10/32 by pressing the bottle against the bottle grip. CAPACITY 1,200 UNITS / HOUR. The capacity all depends on the... [See More]

  • Industry: Cosmetic; Food; Pharm
  • Packaging: BottleJar
  • Machine Type: Capping
  • Closing Method: CapLid
Bottom-up Filling Unit For Foaming Products -- EBU250
from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

BOTTOM-UP FILLING UNIT FOR FOAMING PRODUCTS. Filling volumes up to more than 1 litre. For one pneumatic filling nozzle. For use together with PD22 or GD30. Adjustable speed to follow product surface during liquid filling. When filling foaming products in larger volumes, it is often necessary to move... [See More]

  • Industry: Chemical; Cosmetic; Pharm; Diagnostic, Biopharmaceutical
  • Goods: Foam
  • Machine Type: Filling
  • Packaging: BottleJar