Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Balls Datasheets

Lustrous Polished Ceramic Balls
from CoorsTek

Cerbec ® silicon nitride ceramic balls are produced in a number of sizes. Used most frequently as extremely durable ball bearings, these perfect, shiny spheres are used also for jewely in many forms. [See More]

  • Features: Corrosion Resistant; Nonmagnetic; Wear
  • Ceramic Material: Silicon Nitride
  • Diameter: 0.1250
  • Applications: Aerospace; Automotive; Machine Tool Spindles, Dental Handpieces, Space Satellites, Electric Motors, Bicycles, In-line Skates, Wheel, Clutch, Transmission Bearings, and More
AR Coated Ball Lenses
from Swiss Jewel Company

Anti-Reflection (AR) coatings are a type of optical coating applied to the surface of the ball and other optical devices to reduce reflection. This improves the efficiency of the system since less light is lost. Typical Applications: laser collimating and focusing, laser-to-fiber coupling,... [See More]

  • Features: Corrosion Resistant; Dielectric / Electrically Insulating
  • Applications: Laser Collimating And Focusing, Laser-to-fiber Coupling, Fiber-to-fiber Coupling, And Fiber-to-detector Coupling
  • Ceramic Material: GlassCeramic; Sapphire