Antireflection Coating Aspheric Lenses

Mounted Aspheric Lens -- 352110-X-MT
from LightPath Technologies, Inc.

Custom designs available [See More]

  • Focal Length: 6.24
  • Lens Features: Antireflection Coating; Mounted
  • Diameter / Length: 3.12
Fiber Micro-Lens Array -- FCA 250FS
from Axetris AG

Axetris fiber micro-lens arrays are optimized for coupling light efficiently to single mode fiber arrays for optical communication applications. Features. Applications. Small size. Low insertion loss. Fused Silica or Silicon material. Low surface roughness. 100 % inspection. Parallel channel... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared
  • Lens Features: Antireflection Coating
Aspheric Lenses
from Thorlabs, Inc.

At Thorlabs, we constantly reinforce our desire to serve at the pleasure of our customers. From this comes our desire to be connected to our industry in a way that far exceeds what would typically be expected of a vendor. Thorlabs lives this core principle by seeking to enhance, at every turn, the... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Edge Thickness: 1.45 to 200
  • Center Thickness: 0.8800 to 36
  • Focal Length: -100 to 9.65
Aspheric Condenser Lenses
from Newport Corporation

Fabricated using B270 glass, and available with a single-layer MgF2 coating, these lenses provide excellent transmission in the visible to near-infrared regions. The aspheric surface is precision molded, while the plano or spherical surface is ground and polished. Ideal for light collection,... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter / Length: 6.8 to 75
  • Focal Length: 5.87 to 49.24
  • Surface Quality: 80-50 Scratch / Dig
Compact Aspheric Lenses
from Newport Corporation

These compact glass aspheric lenses provide a convenient, high-quality, compact alternative to microscope objectives for applications including fiber coupling and spatial filtering. Replace bulky microscope objectives. Coupling, collimation & manipulation of diode laser beams. Convenient kit... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter / Length: 4 to 9.9
  • Focal Length: 2.8 to 15.4
  • Lens Features: Antireflection Coating; Mounted
Molded Glass Aspheric Lenses
from Newport Corporation

These Geltech ® Molded Glass Aspheric Lenses are a very economic choice for collimating or focusing light at high magnification. They are made from low dispersion Corning C0550 glass, and are sutiable for applications include fiber coupling, collimating laser diodes, and laser scanning. [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible
  • Diameter / Length: 2 to 9.9
  • Focal Length: 2 to 18.4
  • Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch / Dig
Precision Aspheric Lenses
from Newport Corporation

Precision aspheric lenses are computer-optimized to achieve diffraction limited optical performance over high numerical apertures without requiring multiple elements. This may be used to reduce weight, complexity and cost for optical systems. Reduces spherical aberrations. Low f-numbers for optimal... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter / Length: 15 to 50
  • Focal Length: 11.3 to 50
  • Surface Quality: 60-40 Scratch / Dig