10-5 Scratch / Dig Aspheric Lenses

Spherical and Cylindrical Lenses
from CeNing Optics Co., Ltd.

Custom Capabilitities of Spherical and Cylindrical Lenses. Diameter: From 0.5mm to 300mm. Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.01mm. Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.01mm. Irregularity: 0.2, (PV: Lambda/20). Centration: 30 arc sec. Surface Quality: 10-5 S/D. Quality Facility Machinery: Polishing Machines. Grinding... [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch / Dig
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible
  • Achromat Type: Doublet
  • Center Thickness: 0.3000 to 50