Type 12K Industrial Enclosures Datasheets

Industrial Polycarbonate Enclosures -- 130-001
from Altech Corp.

Designed for tough industrial environments and a wide variety of applications, TK Enclosures are available with standard gray or tinted transparent covers in several heights. Sidewalls and endwalls are supplied smooth or with knockouts. Precision molded from impact and flame resistant materials,... [See More]

  • NEMA Rating: NEMA Enclosures; Type 12K
  • Shape: Square
  • Type: Junction Box
  • Length: 2.56
Enclosure, Plastic Transparent; Polycarbonate; Polyurethane; Light Gray; 4X -- 70074400 [130-455 from Altech Corp.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Light Gray Colour Body, Plastic Transparent Cover Enclosures. Whenever electrical and electronic components need to be housed in dustproof and watertight, completely insulated and corrosion-free enclosures, Altech/Spelsberg TK series enclosures offer solutions. Enhance the value of your products... [See More]

  • NEMA Rating: NEMA Enclosures; Type 4X; Type 12K
  • Width: 2.05
  • Length: 1.97
  • Depth: 1.4
Operator Interface Enclosures
from Hammond Manufacturing Company Inc.

Hammond Manufacturing has been operating for close to one-hundred years, with deep historical roots. The business started in a backyard workshop in 1916 located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In the early years, the Company manufactured radios, power amplifiers and battery eliminators. Through the last... [See More]

  • NEMA Rating: NEMA Enclosures; Type 3R (optional feature); Type 4 (optional feature); Type 4X (optional feature); Type 12 (optional feature); Type 12K (optional feature)
  • Shape: Rectangular (optional feature); Slanted (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
  • Type: Operator Station (optional feature); Console Enclosures (optional feature); Consolet Enclosures (optional feature); Pushbutton Enclosures (optional feature); PC Enclosures (optional feature)
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature); Polycarbonate (optional feature); Polyester
Steel Floor-Standing Compact Enclosures -- Spacial SM
from Schneider Electric, Automation & Control

Spacial SM - Steel floor-standing compact enclosures. Floor standing steel enclosure, made from a one single piece metal sheet, folded and welded on the corners for high robustness. The steel enclosures – Spacial SM offer the largest dimensional range in the market. Find yours !. [See More]

  • NEMA Rating: NEMA Enclosures; Type 12; Type 12K
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Type: Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
  • Length: 47.24 to 62.99