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  • Linear monodisperse π‐konjugierte oligomers: more as only model compounds for polymers
    …UV until into the NIR spectral region ranging to show pH , lösungsmittel- and ionenabhängige absorption … to the production of sensors on polymer base the … for production of molecular wires that are constructed from … examples for it are 1 multi chromophor-light guide…
  • Communications of the ÖWAV / events 1-2/07
    …wastes, investigation of the leaching behavior, influence of the pH value on the leaching by continuous pH -value-control ÖNORM CEN … in sleeve for sewer pipes 2, part: mass (replacement … quality ÖNORM EN ISO 17294-1 , online- sensor / analysis devices fürWasser…
  • The electric field strength across isoelectric focusing gel slabs determined by an accurate and convenient method
    AE was also measured by 2 sensor wires placedinto adjacent holes, but this islessconvenientthan the measurement by 1 wire sensor and leads to identicalresults. .... The pH measurement by gel slice elution was preferred to measurement through the holes in the lid…
  • Physiology of the human
    …ear 319, 321 - Auf- and down vibrations 322 337-338, equilibrium organs, - ion transport 47-K+-Sekretion 46-labyrinth 338, sound pressure, deflections 322, acoustic energy 316, sonic line 319, sonic transduktion 321 … capsule 154 inner thermal sensors 843 inner o'clock 182 … ion channels 37, function principles 50-52 449, insulin release, ligandaktivierte 62-64, pH -sensitivity 752, säuresensitive…
  • New Developments and Applications in Sensing Technology
    …output data (acquired voltages) to extract the information related the measured physical value (e.g. water pH ). .... quality monitoring application, the data received by the base station from the smart sensor node trough Wi .... The model selection (coefficient selection) is performed us- ing the Basic TEDS information that is stored in the memory associated to each measuring channel ( 1 - wire memory, passive RFID tag memory).
  • Clinic manual anesthesia
    …of the basin by A. femoralis) z control of the intravascular (intraarteriellen) position z evtl. insertion of a guiding wire according to the Seldinger … heparin) and a pressure sensor z by infants and … NaCl (G5 %) and 1 ml Vetren (100 IE .... Measurement of z of oxygen saturation z Hb and HbO2 z pH value z base excess partial…
  • 1.2 Inorganic analyze
    A silver wire serves as anode. .... As Ftillung, a potassium-hydrogen-phthalate-Pufferl6sung ( pH 4) is used which becomes chlorine and bromine provisions .... The sensitivity limit of the halogen sensor is given with less than 1 ppm.
  • Current
    Robustly, dust and the new pocket-pH-meter of W W is waterproof (after IP 66)., With one's groJ3en multi function display, the assistant of the distribution line of the Weilheimer company is … pairs them the professional pH -MeBgerate fur the use .... The high transit time (5000 operating hours with four 1,SV-Batterien ) and guarantee the switching-off automaton the immediate state of readiness. .... A stoaabsorbierende, gummielastische protection reinforcement, sensor cookers are offered on Zubehor for example and load-bearing belt.
  • A new kind of smart bridge cable based on FBG sensors
    Ph layer. .... Figure 1: Transection sketch of smart cable based on FBG sensors . .... *; phone 86-451-86282664; fax 86-451-86282209 : 1 wire .
  • Sensors for the process and factory automation
    Different effects allow themselves to detect the content of a certain material exploit [ 1 ]:. .... Ion line through the adsorption by that the atom to detect (molecule) takes current transport generation of an electrochemical potential on the electrodes (redox potential, pH -value-measurement) change of the work function of electrode materials the detecting atoms (molecules) change of .... S. Hesse and G. Quickly DOI 10.1007/978-3-658-05867-8_8, sensors for the process and…