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    Generator Heads and Alternators - (46 companies)
    Generator heads and alternators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators and alternators differ by operation and electrical output, but function via the same principle—electromagnetic induction. Generator is the name...
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  • Electrical Winding Services-Image
    Electrical Winding Services - (371 companies)
    ...of electricity. An electrical winding service includes various machines such as an alternator, generator, stator, and AC/DC motor. AC/DC motors incorporate single/multiphase, universal, servo, induction, synchronous, and gear motor types of motors...
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  • Motor Controllers-Image
    Motor Controllers - (737 companies)
    Motor controllers receive supply voltages and provide signals to motor drives that are interfaced to motors. They include a power supply, amplifier, user interface, and position control circuitry.
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  • DC Motors-Image
    DC Motors - (1154 companies)
    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors.
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  • Rectifiers-Image
    Rectifiers - (268 companies)
    Rectifier diodes are designed for use in rectification circuits. Rectifiers are used to convert AC to DC.
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    Water Pumps - (846 companies)
    Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport.
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    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1509 companies)
    Industrial fans and blowers are move air and ganular media in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust, or material handling.
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    Electrical Power Generators - (1007 companies)
    Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency power or as an alternator on board a vehicle. Generators can produce either AC or DC power...
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    Balancing Machines and Systems - (91 companies)
    ...such as armatures and crankshafts; or components and systems such as transmissions, drivelines, electric motors, and alternators. Standards. In terms of approvals, balancing machines and systems may comply with specifications from the International Standards...
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    Hall Effect Position Sensors - (65 companies)
    Hall effect position sensors are non-contact devices that convert energy from a magnetic field into an electrical signal. They use the Hall effect, a voltage caused by current-flow in the presence of a magnetic field.
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  • Electric Motors For Oil And Gas Exploration
    Ducommun's high performance motion control devices include 3 phase induction motors, alternators , BLDC motors and resolvers which are recognized as the most reliable products for downhole drilling tools in the oil and gas exploration industry.
  • Implementation of a Highly Reliable Hybrid Electric Scooter Drive
    Moreover, in order to keep the engine working in the high-efficiency area, the engine may also need to drive the BLDC machine ( alternator -mode commutation) to charge the lead-acid battery pack.
  • A New Cost Effective Sensorless Commutation Method for Brushless DC Motors Without Phase Shift Circuit and Neutral Voltage
    His current research interests include sensorless BLDC motor/ alternator control, power factor control, hybrid electric vehicles, and automotive power systems.
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: Saving Gas with Start-Stop Technology
    An expensive 3p BLDC or PMSM with the requisite inverter will at best get you 80% efficiency especially when you figure in the efficiency losses of the alternator -rectifier, then the charge-discharge cycle of the battery, and the efficiency loss of…
  • High-End Automotive Servo Drives
    INTRODUCTION The high-end servo drives in the automotive industry can be summarized as follows: 1 Power supply: integrated starter alternator (42V net) 2 Traction: hybrid and electrical vehicles … Permanent magnet motor Block commutated (scalar control) as BLDC Vector-controlled as PMSM…
  • 2004 Subject Index
    Sbarciog, M., + , OPTIM-04 132-138 DC generators elec. machines for integr. starter alternator appls., comp. and … IAS-04 2004 386-393 Vol.1 improv. power dens. and effic. of BLDC generator, practical control.
  • 2008 Combined Subject Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    A matrix-Z-source converter for automotive integrated starter alternator system. .... Feb. 2008 273-279 A Novel Starting Method of the Surface Permanent-Magnet BLDC Motors Without Position…
  • Electric Motors and Generators in Hybrid-Electric Powertrains
    BLDC machines have good specific power (greater than 1 kW/kg) and high efficiency (as high as 98 .... CURRENT EXCITATION LUNDELL ALTERNATOR The Lundell alternator is the traditional automotive alternator due to its possibility for…
  • Magnetic Sensors H2 2012 Market Tracker
    …others use a single speed-sensor, others use 3 switches for commutation in BLDC to manage speed .... • Removed starter motor and alternator (generators not motors).
  • CR4 - Thread: Use of braking energy
    …little more complicated than just turning a DC or AC motor into a generator or alternator , respectively. .... is obviously a permanent magnet, electronically commutated motor, otherwise known as a Brushless DC Motor ( BLDC Motor).

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