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  • Cabinets and Casework-Image
    Cabinets and Casework - (649 companies)
    How to Select Cabinets and Casework Cabinets and casework are storage units and storage components. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, or composite materials. Cabinets are rectangular storage unit with doors, shelves...
  • Biological Safety Cabinets-Image
    Biological Safety Cabinets - (107 companies)
    Biological safety cabinets protect both the specimen and the user from biological contamination. Particulate-free air is passed down from the top of the hood, across the work surface, and then captured before entering a worker's breathing zone...
    Safety Storage Cabinets - (137 companies)
    Safety Storage Cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications such as flammable and corrosive securement and storage. Image Credit: Globals Industrial | Grainger. Safety storage cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications...
  • Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets-Image
    Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets - (291 companies)
    How to Select Tool Boxes and Cabinets. Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements. Construction. Tool boxes and cabinets are generally...
  • Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems-Image
    Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems - (109 companies)
    Gas cabinets and distribution systems consist of vaporizers, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, mass flow controllers, valves, pressure sensors and associated interconnect tubing configured to deliver bulk and specialty gases to process equipment. Gas...
    Videoscopes - (117 companies)
    Videoscopes are equipped with a CCD chip and focusable lens assembly that relays images from bores and cavities to a display. The camera is embedded in the tip of the scope and uses CCD technology rather than optical relay components (borescopes...
    Fiberscopes - (82 companies)
    ...can be bent before inserting the tube into a space. Image credit: Olympus IMS. Fiber Characteristics. A fiberscope's fiber is typically bundled into an image guide running the length of the insertion section. Most optical fiber used in scopes is made...
    Furniture - (751 companies)
    Furniture consists of seating, benches, tables, cabinets and chairs for indoor or outdoor applications. Furniture consists of seating, tables, and cabinets that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Office furniture and industrial...
    Printed Document Storage Systems - (56 companies)
    Printed document storage systems are cabinets, racks, boxes, or any product or system that is designed to store printed records. Most printed document storage systems feature an organizational method that permits the quick location and retrieval...
    Lockers - (165 companies)
    Lockers are small cabinets used for storing personal belongings. Lockers are small cabinets -- usually grouped in numbers -- used for storing personal belongings. They are found in schools, workplaces, transportation stations, and locker rooms...

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  • Elements of the applied electronics
    Your main application lies in endoscopy in the region of the medical and technical diagnosis (image 4). .... The partial resistance RthJG between barrier layer and housing is fixedly set by the system here as .... Burr Brown NF Corporation of CMV-CoMeas oHG Datel 4) .