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  • Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, Third Edition
    Handbook of Electric Power Calculations, Third Edition. A powerful calculations tool for electric power engineers and technicians, this book offers essential, step-by-step procedures and examples for solving a wide array of electric power problems.
  • Powered Surgical Tool Reliability - Moisture is the Enemy
    For powered reusable surgical tools, reliability is paramount. Due to the presence of electronic components and materials susceptible to corrosion, moisture is often a cause of premature failure, particularly for electric motors. Designers need to consider how to mitigate the effects of moisture
  • Saving Time and Maintenance Costs By Using A Programmable Electric Torque Gun
    Give the average person an electric screw gun, torque gun, or other power fastening tool and their first impulse will be to tighten a fastener as much as they possibly can. Often to the point that electric motors groan, sparks are struck, and fasteners break or twist apart. Experienced workers may
  • Case Study: Customer Profile: Meyer Tool
    Gas turbine engines may not be something we think about, but they touch our lives every day powering aircraft, trains, ships and electrical generators. These engines - built by industrial giants including General Electric and Pratt & Whitney - require hundreds of components from high-tech suppliers
  • Air Pressure Amplifiers Can Cut Electric Power Consumption
    Almost every industrial plant has a problem department where its central air system cannot deliver sufficient pressure to properly operate air tools or machinery.
  • Motor Solution in High Performance Electric Skin Massager
    A massager is a tool for massaging human body parts. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous update of health concepts, massagers have become synonymous with health investment and fashionable life. Among them, the portable massager has the advantages of small
  • Hyperion's UPM Diamond Improves Tool Life While Reducing Scratches in Semiconductor Processing
    Diamond micron powder is widely used in silicon-based semiconductor chip-making processes such as slicing, grinding, polishing, and dicing. In recent years, silicon carbide (SiC) - based chips have emerged as alternative semiconductor materials to silicon for power device applications. This market
  • Ergonomic Improvements in Manufacturing
    Whether your manufacturing staff is assembling components used for electronics, aircraft, automobiles or appliances, it s important to identify potential ergonomic risk factors. Power tools, both electric and pneumatic type, generally produce...
  • Characteristics and Selection of the Lithium Battery for Solar
    From the perspective of application scenarios, solar batteries lithium are mainly used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other power tools. The energy storage lithium battery is mainly used in the fields of solar energy storage lithium battery, peak regulation and frequency regulation
  • Everything You Should Know About Thermal Protector Switch for Battery Pack
    Thermal protector switches are used to protect electric motors, fans, transformers, reactors, and lithium industry power tools from overheating that occurs due to the internal friction between the conducting materials. The thermal protector switch monitors the compressor case temperature
  • Application of WS900 Integrated Water Jet Loom Electronic Control System in 8100 High Speed Water Jet Loom
    Operation Solar Power Generation Metallurgy Building Materials Municipal Administration Harbor Chemical Industry Petrochemical Industry Electric Power New Energy Automobile Rail Transit
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    of International Business Strategies, at the Fabless Semiconductor Association Expo Thursday. Mentor adds concurrent HDL checking to tool suite Mentor Graphics Corp. said the latest version of the HDL Designer Series tool suite includes a concurrent design checking and creation environment. Marconi Society dubs

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