Power Tools Information

Power tools information


Power tools include a wide range of devices for fabrication, assembly, construction, and repair.  Most power tools are constructed for long service under heavy use.


Types of Power Tools


Power tools are usually motor-driven and designated as electrical, battery-powered, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Here are some examples of pneumatic power tools:


  • Drills
  • Fastening tools
  • Impact tools 
  • Material removal tools
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Torque wrenches

Selection Criteria

Selecting power tools requires an analysis of both product specifications and features. Because power tools may be used for hours at a time, ergonomic products are often recommended.




Portable power tools can be carried to a job and may be hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical (corded), or battery-operated (cordless). Cordless power tools run on 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4, 18, 19.6, or 24-volt batteries. Many are lightweight.




A power drill can have a one-speed or variable speed motor, a reversible motor, and be mounted on a powered drill stand. Suppliers of power tools can provide additional information.




  • A comfortable grip
  • Directional exhaust muffler
  • Vacuum-ready dust evacuation
  • Materials such as composites that combine strength with light weight
  • Lubrication-free motor package
  • Vibration-free design
  • Built-in silencers 



Power tools can be designed for specific purposes. For example, a power sander called a rasper is suitable for marine applications because it is designed for fairing hulls and plugs and stripping bottom paint, leaving a smooth surface.Specialty power tools are available.


Power tools informationAccessories 

  • Adapters
  • Batteries
  • Battery chargers
  • Bits
  • Blades
  • Cases
  • Organizers
  • Wrenches


Several organizations maintain standards on power tools, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee, the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).


ANSI/ASA S12.15 - For acoustics - portable electric power tools, stationary and fixed electric power tools and gardening appliances - measurement of sound emitted


DIN EN ISO 11148-1 - Hand-held non-electric power tools - safety requirements - Part 1: assembly power tools for non-threaded mechanical fasteners  

ISO 11148-4 - Hand-held non-electric power tools - safety requirements - Part 4: non-rotary percussive power tools




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