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  • Bellows smooth valve moves
    , and pressure compensators. Nickel has high yield (110,000 psi minimum) and tensile strength (125,000 psi minimum). Fast-acting fuel valves let industrial gas turbines run at near-constant speed, despite surges in demand (load) that could slow the machines, important for power generation and other
  • ABCs of Refrigeration Pressure Sensing
    and temperature rises. The hightemperature compressed refrigerant enters the condenser where excess heat is removed either by blowing cooler air over the refrigerant tubes or circulating water around the tubes. The refrigerant condenses into a liquid phase while maintaining high pressure. The high-pressure
  • Severe Service Valve (SSV) Solves Complex Problems
    PotashCorp needed to automate a positive displacement pumping system which would require a control valve to operate at a continuous high pressure differential. The discharge piping in their mine rises over 1000 meters to the surface, so the operating pressure can vary significantly based
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    involving high-speed linear travel, heavy loads, or smooth position and pressure control. Hydraulic actuators are typically small, quiet, and produce less heat and EMI than electric actuators. And for high-performance motion control, hydraulic systems often cost considerably less than
  • Dissecting high-performance electrohydraulic valves
    Things aren't black and white when choosing a servo or proportional valve. Servo and servoproportional valves control pressure or flow and are selected based on application. Proportional and servovalves control flow or pressure via a sliding spool element. First-stage configurations for nozzle
  • Traditional solenoid valves are simple to install but may not be the right solution for long term reliability or high flow applications
    and causes low flows. Additionally, the diaphragm generally has within it a very small pilot hole to allow pressure to equalize on both sides of the diaphragm. The pilot hole easily clogs causing the solenoid valve to function erratically. Smaller solenoid valves and high pressure solenoid valves use
  • Fluid Transfer Valves
    and seat, and a metal-to-metal seal. Other globe valves are available with elastomeric disc seals. The easy replacement of the plug and seat makes repair simple and inexpensive. Pressure loss through a globe valve is somewhat high. Globe valves can be used at high pressures, but the higher the pressure
  • Medical Device Link .
    A newly released ultraminiature check valve incorporates an elastomer duckbill that enables the part to withstand up to 250-psig back pressure. The check valve is available with an in-line barb-to-barb configuration or internal or external M3 threads. Valve materials are brass and stainless steel

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  • Handbook of Diesel Engines
    Low pressure and high pressure valves control the pressure in the accumulator.
  • ISA CNTRL VALVES - Control Valves
    Many high pressure valves installed for elevated temperature service include bonnet extensions as a secondary design feature.
  • Manual combustion engine
    In the currentless state, the high pressure valve through spring force is opened; thereby, the pumping region of radial pistons can be filled with fuel over the low pressure circulation.
  • Modern diesel-injecting systems
    It consists of (image 8) a li>- aluminum housing (2) that is loaded only with low pressure li>- ein or two pump elements with hochdruckfesten cylinder heads (7) of steel with integrated high pressure valve and high pressure connection as well as…
  • Dubbel
    Because of high pressures valve control for the attainment of one good volumetric effect degree.
  • Dubbel
    Because of high pressures valve control for the attainment of one good volumetric effect degree.
  • Complications of CSF Shunting in Hydrocephalus
    Various surgical options including subtemporal craniectomy, cranial expansion, shunt revision with higher pressure valves , adjustable valves, adding an antisiphon device, third ventriculos- tomy either endoscopic or not have been pro- posed in the management of SVS previously [1, 3, 6, 24].
  • Dubbel
    Because of the high pressures valve control to the attainment .