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  • Interfacing PICmicro (R) MCUs to an LCD Module
    This application note interfaces a micrange PICmicro device to a Hitachi LM032L LCD character display module, with a two line by twenty character display. LCD modules are useful for displaying text information from a system. In large volume applications, the use of custom LCD displays becomes
  • Low-Power Techniques for LCD Applications
    in meeting FIGURE 2: SIMPLIFIED LCD CIRCUIT this requirement. While the LCD Driver module makes TH = (2R*R)/(2R+R)R RTOTAL = RTH + RSW + RCOMdriving LCDs very easy, there are important factors to 2 RTH = 2R /3R take into account in configuring the module so that TH = 2R/3R application can be optimized
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    LG.Philips LCD Considers New TFT-LCD Module Factory in Eastern Europe Seoul, Korea, August 26 - LG..Philips LCD, one of the world's leading TFT-LCD manufacturers, said today that it is considering setting up a new TFT-LCD module factory in Eastern Europe. The company is currently looking at several
  • Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924
    note will discuss the use of the following peripherals used to implement the clock: Timer1, PORTB, CCP, A/D converter, and the LCD Module. All source code and examples are written in C and compiled using Microchip?s MPLAB-C compiler.
  • Society for Information Display New Products August 2003
    and lowering costs. " Specifically, with Philips' new LTPS-LCD module, the majority of the dc/dc converter is directly embedded onto the actual glass, so only a single supply voltage is required. By integrating the dc/dc IC and many of the external capacitors directly onto the glass itself, the result
  • Driving Liquid Crystal Displays with the PIC16F913/914/916/917/946
    The PIC16F913/914/916/917/946 microcontroller family provides an integrated LCD Driver module that directly drives LCD displays. In large scale applications, directly driving a custom LCD display can provide significant cost savings. In addition, low-power applications can benefit from the low
  • Society for Information Display News Stories December 2004
    include both LTPS and field-sequential color (FSC) technology prototypes. CES 2005 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 6-9, 2005. LG.Philips LCD Increases Module Production in China Seoul, Korea, December 14 December - LG.Philips LCD Co., Ltd. today announced it is extending its
  • Society for Information Display New Products April 2004
    Optrex Introduces 5.2-inch, 240x64-pixel LCD with White LED Backlighting Plymouth, Michigan, April 6 - Optrex America has introduced an ultra-compact, monochrome transmissive STN-LCD with an industry-standard outline that displays white characters or graphics on a blue background. The F-51405

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