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  • CCD Cameras-Image
    CCD Cameras - (499 companies)
    CCD (couple-charged device) cameras are a type of image capture device that utilize an image sensor to register visible light as a recordable electronic signal to visually archive captured stills and video. Of the three types of digital cameras...
    Camera Function
    Monochrome / Color
    Horizontal Resolution
  • Linear Position Sensors-Image
    Linear Position Sensors - (746 companies)
    Linear position sensors is a general search form for all linear position / displacement detection product areas. Linear position sensors use contact or non-contact methods to measure the speed and/or position of an object. They use use a variety...
  • CMOS Cameras-Image
    CMOS Cameras - (203 companies)
    Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras use image sensors that operate at lower voltages than charged coupled devices (CCDs), reducing power consumption for portable applications. Each CMOS active pixel sensor cell has its own buffer...
  • Vision Sensors-Image
    Vision Sensors - (144 companies) ensures a focus field-of-view at a permanent distance. Board Mount: Camera optics are mounted directly on a printed circuit board (PCB). PCBs are useful in sensor operations with little clearance for camera mounting, but these may prove...
  • Optical Triangulation Position Sensors-Image
    Optical Triangulation Position Sensors - (73 companies)
    CCD)- CCD is a digital pixelated array detector. Smart CCD lasers react spontaneously to changing surface conditions, providing accurate results regardless of surface texture or color. Photodiode (PSD) - PSD triangulation is a long-standing technology...
    Time of Flight Optical Sensors - (50 companies)
    ...or preferable. Measuring range- the range over which the linear output is needed. Accuracy- indicates how close the device's measurements are to actual values . Range resolution- is the smallest change in distance that a position sensor can detect. Sampling...
    Sensor Chips - (279 companies)
    Description. Sensor chips are dies incorporating semiconductor circuit elements that are used to convert changes to some physical parameter to an electrical signal. Like other semiconductors, a sensor chip can be flexible, and can be manufactured...
    Shift Registers - (44 companies)
    Shift registers are sequential logic circuits that are used to store and move data. They accept binary inputs from one serial or parallel source and then shift the data through a chain of flip-flops, one bit at time. Shift registers are sequential...
    CCD Image Sensors - (58 companies)
    Charged coupled device (CCD) image sensors are electronic devices that are capable of transforming a light pattern (image) into an electric charge pattern (an electronic image). CCD (charge coupled device) image sensors are electronic devices...
    Circuit Breakers - (921 companies)
    Circuit breakers are mechanical switching devices capable of breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions. Circuit breakers are automatic electrical switches designed to interrupt current flow in the event of an overload or short...

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  • An auto-focus algorithm based on image processing
    Fig. 3 shows the schematic diagram of the image processing based auto-focusing system, which is composed by the CCD camera, the video decoding circuit , the digital signal processor (DSP) processing … the motor drive circuit, the focusing linear motor, the focusing mechanism…
  • Laser beam divergence meter
    Functional diagram of videocamera with linear CCD detector: 1- detector, 2- narrow line, 3- wide line, 4,5- analogregisters, 6,7- amplifiers … and socket unit, 15-input plug and socket unit, 16 - receiver, 17 - shift register, 18- circuit of parameters set, 19…
  • Automotive Mechatronics
    CCD sensors 245 CDD 401 CDP 398 central bus guardian 127 central locking mechanism … 152 charge-coupled devices 244 chassis domain 69 checksum 139 cioriolis acceleration 206 circuit diagram 138 circuit simulation 349 … continuity equation 226 continuous linear curves 152 continuous nonlinear…
  • Handbook of Fractional-Horsepower Drives
    …470 bias current 427 bias flux 427, 431 bimodal resonator 333 bipolar control 163, 171, 179 bipolar operation of stepping motors 358 block commutation 121, 359, 390 block diagram 292 of closed-loop … voltage commutation 121 bootstrap circuit 348, 349 boundary surface … motor 129 cardan joint coupling 487 carrier frequency 291 carrier-based sinusoidal modulation (CBSM) 360, 365 cascade control 282, 376, 379 cascaded closed loops 288 cathode potential 355 CCD line scanning 295 CCD … closed loops for electrodynamic linear motors 288 closed-loop…
  • The interface of CCD image line sensor ILX511 in technical spectrometer
    The ILXS 11 is a rectangular reduction type of CCD linear image sensor designed for bar code POS hand scanner and optical measuring equipment use (Fig. 3a, 3b). .... Figure 3. a): Inside circuit block diagram of sen- sor ILX5I 1; b): Plastic cases ILX51 1, package outline.
  • Development of real-time photoelectric measurement on geometric size of objects
    Fig.3 shows the functional block diagram of CCD measuring system. .... The specific components of the system include: light source, work-piece, linear CCD sensor, CCD drive circuit , a threshold circuit, data acquisition interface, computer system (display and control) and so on.
  • Verification of dynamic multileaf collimation using an electronic portal imaging device
    The block diagram shows the components of the circuit in relation to the linear accelerator and EPID. .... triggered to commence grabbing images using a positive threshold on the video signal from the CCD camera.
  • Offset-free black restoration and simplified correlated double sampling for linear CCDs
    Research monograph series, (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1963) Fig. 1 Block diagram representation of complete video processing for linear CCD . .... Proposed black reference restoration and correlated double sampling circuit : A schematic block diagram is shown in Fig…
  • Optical Alignment System For Snowmobile Motor And Driving Pulleys
    The linear detector arrays used for the system under description is a self scanning analog CCD shift register with a serie of 512 photodiodes, each with an associated capacitance. .... A bloc diagram of the complete electronic circuit is presented on figure 5. the charges extracted from each detector are .
  • The optoelectronic automeasuring system of wheel set comprehensive parameters
    The schematic diagram of measuring system based on the above detecting principles showed in Fig. 9. .... The system consisted of holding and position-setting unit, rotating unit, pushing wheel unit, precision linear motion unit, step motor and driver … rotary encoder, laser line source, 800x600 CCD and lens, optical narrow … processing and isolated amplifying circuits , interface circuits, control circuits…