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  • Medical Device Link . Strain and Short-Term Creep Behavior of Thermoplastics in a Luer Taper Fitting Application
    The luer fitting or luer-lock fitting is among the most widely used connectors in the medical industry. Its purpose is to "connect two medical devices in a liquid-leak-proof and mechanically secure manner. " Applications for these male and female tapered, interlocking fittings include
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Two types of sets are available for use with infusion pumps and systems. The sets can be incorporated into custom IV kits. One-way inflation valves that are activated by a luer-taper syringe are suitable for inflating and deflating balloons, cuffs, or cushions. The valves give positive closure
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    of a typical hub-catheter assembly are the luer, the internal taper, the main hub body, the stress relief, the catheter shaft tubing, and, optionally, a stress relief cover (see Figure 1). The hub allows for access to the catheter lumen for a variety of functions, such as the injection of fluids or drugs