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    Crystals - (394 companies)
    Crystals are naturally occurring materials that can be induced to resonate or vibrate at an exact frequency. Types Quartz, a piezoelectric crystal that provides excellent mechanical and electrical stability, acquires a charge when...
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  • Polymers and Plastic Resins-Image
    Polymers and Plastic Resins - (873 companies)
    ...materials and resins, and compounded raw materials such as pellets and liquids. Electrical and electronic materials, optical grade materials, and self-lubricated or bearing-grade plastics and plastic materials are also available. Cure Type...
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    Lasers - (697 companies)
    ...source (also referred to as pump or pump source), a gain medium (or laser medium), and an optical resonator formed by two or more optical lenses. The image of a deconstructed laser pointer below illustrates these three components; more information...
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    Optical Crystals - (181 companies)
    Optical crystals are transparent in different spectral regions, depending upon the crystal material. They include nonlinear, photorefractive crystals, and laser crystals ' acousto-optic and electro-optic combinations; X-ray analysis...
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules-Image
    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules - (533 companies)
    LCD) belong to the class of nonemissive technologies, or displays that do not generate light of their own but control the transmission or reflection of an external light source. A liquid crystal display utilizes two sheets of polarizing material...
    Optical Polarizers - (157 companies)
    Rapid Learning: Polarizing of Light. Video Credit: Rapid Learning Center / CC BY-SA 4.0. Types of Optical Polarizers. There are many different types of optical polarizers. Calcite polarizers are crystals that separate unpolarized light into two...
    Calcite Polarizers - (24 companies) as the ordinary (o-ray) and extraordinary (e-ray) rays. Calcite crystal is a natural birefringent material, which may be ground, cut, and polished to exact angles creating optical axis, making it a useful polarizer. Crystalline structure of isotropic...
    Circular Polarizers - (12 companies)
    ...electric fields are added together in equal amounts and have ninety degrees of phase difference. Circular polarizers are commonly used in photography and the lenses of 3D glasses for viewing stereoscopic movies. These optical polarizers are assemblies...
    Linear Polarizers - (37 companies)
    ...crystal displays (LCDs). In LCDs, the linear polarizers are placed on each side of the LCD with their axes crossed at 90 degrees. In this manner, the polarizers do not allow light to pass. However, in the power-off state, the liquid crystal cells...
    Polarizer Mounts - (9 companies)
    Polarizer mounts are used to hold and support polarizers. A polarizer is a light filter that only allows light waves of a certain rotation to pass through. Optical polarizer mounts are specialized holders designed for use with a variety of optical...

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