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  • Design and Development of a Self-Contained Engine Stand for NVH Troubleshooting and Testing of Diesel Engines
    As shown in Figure-1, the radiator assembly was located on the left side of the engine, and conventional rubber isolators on the side and rear of the engine were used to mount the engine to the test stand.
  • Suppliers to Pontiac G6
    … Power window regulators with anti-trap device Brose Differential carrier assembly Metaldyne Connecting rods Metaldyne Covers (trans) Metaldyne Crankshaft rubber dampers Metaldyne Cylinder head … … Miniature Precision Components Exhaust isolator Tenneco Automotive Exhaust manifolds … … Mogul as Tier 2 Radiator seals as Tier 2 …
  • Masticated Rubber: A Recycling Success Story
    With this path closed, air is forced to travel through the radiator and a/c condensor, resulting in … Spare Tire Protector: These rubber parts serve as an isolator between the spare tire wheel and floor pan, thereby eliminating rubbing by the wheel on the floor pan.
  • Shape optimization of rubber isolators in automotive cooling modules for the maximization of vibration isolation and fatigue life
    … in Figure 1, is an automotive cooling system that is composed of a radiator , a condenser, a … The cooling module is fixed to the carrier by lower and upper isolators , which are rubber components produced by injection molding.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, April 3, 2014 > [79 FR 18665] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 72-Indianapolis, Indiana, Notification of Proposed Production Activity, OHL...
    … that apply to: Grease kits; sealant kits; antifreeze kits; plastic tube kits; plastic brake line guard kits; body down sensor kits; rubber hose kits; hydraulic breather hose kits; rubber gasket kits; seal kits … … steel fastener/nut/washer/ring/shim/clamp kits; steel isolator kits; bushing installation kits … … parts kits; hydraulic tube kits; wheel kits; suspension seal kits; frame repair kits; radiator mount kits; exhaust …
  • Application of Elastomeric Components for Noise and Vibration Isolation in the Automotive Industry
    … longitudinal mounted P/T vehicles, the front axle is mounted to the chassis through rubber bushings to isolate … CRFM (CONDENSER, RADIATOR AND FAN MODULE) / ABS MODULE ISOLATORS The construction of CRFM and ABS module isolators is very similar to bayonet-style shock rod isolators.
  • Supplying Jaguar Land Rover - 2015 edition
    Bump Stops NVH Rubber Grommets Sealing Steering Column Seal CARCOUSTICS Radiator Isolators DELFINGEN .
  • ZHRMA1997P067
    The tile, coated with a high emittance layer of glass, functions as both radiator (to dissipate heat … The felt mounting pad, called a strain isolator pad (SIP), isolates the tile from the thermal and … The filler bar, also a nylon felt material coated with silicone rubber , protects the structure under the …
  • Application of Computer Aided Engineering in the Design of Heavy-Duty Truck Frames
    … of-freedom The rigid bodies include the frame, cab, axles, wheels, engine, hood, radiator , leaf springs, suspension … The force elements include linear and non-linear bushing elements that model rubber isolators , such as the cab and engine mounts.
  • Electrical foam walls of the matter
    The periodic formation of the electrical Schaumwiinde on the Harzoberflache becomes which through the air vortices begiinstigt the to excite of the surrounding air-borne radiator of cashiered particles. … solid Oberfltiche or niihern they I shown the same fruher how habe.l) Through electrical emanations arises on the Oberflache of Ham, pitch, shellac, sulfur, positive and negative dust figures, therefore also iihnliche Schaumwande ahnliche to hard rubber , paraffin, glass, micas of … Whether these electrical olartigen Fliissigkeiten of a slogan the positively and negatively electrical emanations in the substance of the insulating plate or in the on that Oberfliiche of the insulator adsorbed steaming and gases or consist in an olartigen Flussigkeit with the …