Vibration Isolators and Machine Mounts Information

The vibration isolators and machine mounts product area includes a wide range of devices used to keep

machines, motor vibration, and other appliances level, stabilized and insulated from the dangers of vibration.

When specifiying vibration isolators and machine mounts, it is important to obtain accurate information and operating parameters for the application. Examples of important parameters include:

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  • Application - vibration isolation, leveling, floor protection, etc.
  • Maximum load capacity, or weight, per mount
  • Leveling adjustment range
  • Mounting type or stype
  • Mounting size
  • Important features, such as FDA certification, or stainless steel construction


The precise functions of vibration isolators and machine mounts can be described as leveling, precision leveling and vibration dampening. Leveling devices adjust the distance from bearing surface to machine mount surface. They are usually used to compensate for uneven surfaces. Precision leveling machine mounts can be used with electronic devices, such as computerized machinery, which must be kept very stable.

Video Credit: Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) / CC BY-SA 4.0

Vibration isolation devices are used to dampen and displace shaking so that the item to which they are mounted remains stable. Vibration isolators and machine mounts are available that combine both vibration isolation and leveling qualities.


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Machine mounts include a wide array of mounts, levelers, springs, and snubbers, each of which has specific functions differentiating the types of applications with which they should be used.

Machine mount devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Bushing mounts
  • Dampening pads
  • Leveling feet and pads
  • Surface machine mounts
  • Plate mounts
  • Stud plate mounts and wedge mounts.

Bushing mounts are one-piece elastomers directly mounted to a support structure. These rubber vibration isolators are secured to the machine via a mounting bolt, combining bushing and support structure together.

As the bushing is loaded it deforms on the backside of the support structure to captivate the assembly.

Dampening pads are placed under a machine or device to dampen the vibration between the two surfaces.

Leveling feet and pads are discs of varying sizes and shapes that have a threaded stud (or a recess for aVibration Isolators and Machine Mounts image leveling stud, in the case of pads) attached for mounting to and adjusting the level of the machine.

Some of these products offer dampening pads for vibration isolation and swivel connections for uneven floor applications. Plate mounts attach to a support structure via a mounting plate. Construction is typically a single mounting steel plate with vibration dampening, caster or leveling device in the center.


Typical applications would be machine tools, electromechanical equipment, inspection benches, appliances, office machines and transportation equipment.


A-A-52486 - Mount, shipping container, resilient: shock and vibration damping.

ISO 13971 - This International standard describes requirements, design and installation of flexible pipe elements (e.g., metallic flexible pipe, metallic flexible tube, vibration isolator, expansion joint) etc.

BS 7129 - Recommendation for mechanical mounting of accelerometers for measuring mechanical vibration shock.

BS 6955 P16 - Calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups - part 16: method of test for mounting torque sensitivity.

BS ISO 13971 - Refrigeration systems and heat pumps - flexible pipe elements, vibration isolators, expansion joints and non-metallic tubes - requirements and classification.

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