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    The servo driver PEVE for integrated motors is designed and manufactured with the latest semiconductor technology to achieve the lowest standby power consumption as well as high performance DSP technology to achieve high positioning accuracy, withstand impact, vibration and wide temperature range
  • Fundamentals of Vibration and Shock
    Mechanical vibration is a form of oscillatory motion. It occurs in all forms of machinery and equipment. It is what you feel when you put your hand on the hood of a car, the engine of which is running, or on the base of an electric motor when the motor is running. Perhaps the simplest illustration
  • Remote Motor Monitoring Over Ethernet
    Motors are used in many automation applications. To prevent unexpected failures, many motors have built in thermal overloads. Also, some companies add vibration sensors to alert them when a motor is not behaving properly. However, many organizations are not aware there is another simple motor
  • Motor J-Box Thermography Route
    compressors and fans. We recently included the motor junction box as an additional component in our surveys. All of these surveys, however, overlooked the motor lead connections. The majority of the motors are in an outside environment, subject to vibration, temperature changes and humidity. We
  • Electric Motor Testing-The New Kid on the PdM Block
    While vibration analysis and infrared thermography. have been widely used for years as part of predictive. maintenance programs, Electric Motor Testing (EMT) is. a relative newcomer to condition monitoring. In reality. though, the tests utilized by modern EMT systems have. been around for years.
  • Features of the CVK Series Stepper Motor and Driver Package
    The CVK series is a stepper motor and DC input driver package with higher torque, lower vibration, and higher accuracy than conventional stepper products. We have developed a 1.8° product with an emphasis on torque, and a 0.72°/0.36° product that stresses low vibration and high accuracy. The CVK
  • Dynamic ICP (R) Pressure Sensors for Detection of Combustion Instability and High Intensity Acoustics in Rocket Motor Research
    Rocket motor combustion instability is caused by pressure fluctuations and acoustic resonances in the combustion chamber, which may reduce engine performance, induce structural vibration, and possibly lead to catastrophic failure by a break-down of the thermal insulating boundary layer
  • Anti-resonance and Vibration Suppression in Servo Systems
    Vibrations, resonances, and oscillations can cause problems in a servo-motor application. But when you turn down the control-loop gains, the driven machine responds more slowly. So what do you do when the tuning gains that run the machine with fast settling time cause it to screech and oscillate

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