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  • Silicone Rubber Thermal Interface Materials: Applications and Performance Considerations
    is demanded for 30 years or more. Transistor and photovoltaic applications are discussed and two new silicone thermal interface materials for use as pad or adhesives are present and compared to current offsets.
  • Advanced Boron Nitride Epoxy Formulations Excel in Thermal Management Applications (.pdf)
    Epoxy based adhesives are prevalent interface materials for all levels of electronic packaging. One reason for their widespread success is their ability to accept fillers. Fillers allow the adhesive formulator to tailor the electrical and thermal properties of a given epoxy. Silver flake allow
  • Bond, Thermal Bond: An Overview on Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
    Aavid Genie has a bonded fin heat sink as one of the options available to you in the Technology Matrix. For those unfamiliar to them, a bonded fin heat sink consists of 3 main parts: a base with grooves, fins, and an adhesive to "bond" the fins to the base. Hence the name "Bonded Fin Heat Sink."
  • Selecting the Right Potting Compound for Your Application
    Many questions arise when trying to select an appropriate potting compound. An experienced materials expert can help identify the primary concerns, recommend materials, provide testing of the materials, and offer information on dielectric strength, adhesive. characteristics, thermal conductivity
  • Skived Fin Heat Sinks: Solutions as Smooth as Butter
    Many heat sink designs consist of separate fins and base and are assembled together using an adhesive process to bond the two together. These heat sink assemblies have an added thermal resistance in the form of the adhesive layer between the base and the fins. Extrusions, which are a single piece
  • Void Reduction during Low Pressure Lamination of Electronic Assemblies
    Void content at the interface of the bonding adhesive and rigid substrate of an electronic assembly can affect critical performance metrics such as thermal transfer, bond strength, and stress decoupling which can ultimately lead to poor device reliability. In this paper, the contribution
  • Filled UV Curable Epoxy Provides Low CTE For Electronic Potting and Encapsulating
    Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) epoxies play an important role in the engineering and construction of electronic circuit boards as well as having great adhesive properties for other assembly operations. These epoxies are used for a variety of different applications such as encapsulation
  • Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives
    when nothing else will do(see Figure 1 and. Table 1). Master Bond offers ASTM E595 products for. structural bonding, potting, encapsulation and sealing. Also available are E595-certified electrically and thermally. conductive products as well as medical and cryogenic. adhesives. Recently, Master Bond

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