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  • Inertially stabilized platform technology Concepts and principles
    For extended angular travel, however, twist capsules and slip rings are often required.
  • 1982 IEEE/MITT-S Exhibition Guide
    Radar slips rings and twist capsules .
  • Signal integrity design for GHz high-speed differential wires with slip ring capsule
    In order to improve the signal quality of the slip ring capsule , twisted lines are utilized to significantly reduce the reflection among the devices.
  • Heritage and Capabilities Armored Vehicle Slip Rings
    Key Programs Using MCG's Slip Rings / Twist Capsules .
  • A design of high performance infrared search and track system using dual band 1-D sensors
    The transmission part includes three twist capsules , fiber optics transmitter, slip ring and fiber optics rotary joint.
  • The International Handbook of Space Technology
    A motor is used to rotate the solar array at the required speed and in the required direction, and a specific electrical device ( slip - ring , cable-wrap, twisted capsule , et cetera) is used to transfer the power (and data) between the solar …
  • Airborne optical communications demonstrator design and pre-flight test results
    Slip rings were rejected for cable routing and instead a custom twist capsule assembly was designed to provide the flexibility and low torque required for the gimbal to meet its performance specification.
  • A system for biofeedback conditioning of electroencephalographic activity
    To permit the animal full freedom of movement and eliminate twisting or tangling of the sensitive leads, the cable was suspended from a counter- weighted, slip - ring assembly. The enclosed capsule - type slip ring and brush block contained 20 circuits.
  • Glory
    Moog Chatsworth Operations of California was responsible for building the original solar array drive assemblies, which included the failed component, a slip ring that allowed the solar array to rotate while transmitting data and power. Honeybee Robotics proposed an innovative replacement part called a twist capsule .
  • WNGlosses (\
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