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    Solenoid Valves - (960 companies)
    Solenoid valves are devices that use a solenoid to control valve activation. They are considered electromechanical control devices used to control liquid or gas flow. An electrical current runs through a coil to control the valve by moving a plunger...
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    Solenoid Valve Connectors - (24 companies)
    Solenoid valve connectors are used to connect solenoid valves and pressure switches. Solenoid valve connectors are often used as environmentally resistant junction boxes. These protective enclosures can be used with either hydraulic or pneumatic...
    Linear Solenoids - (132 companies)
    ...solenoids bring the plunger into the solenoid 's body along the electromagnetic path. Applications include switchgear, valve actuation, brakes and clutches, and throttle control. Push solenoids move the plunger out of the solenoid 's body. Often, they have...
    Rotary Solenoids - (67 companies)
    Rotary solenoids are electromechanical devices that convert axial motion into rotary strokes. These transducers have a higher starting force (torque) than linear solenoids, and are more resistant to shock. How to Select Rotary Solenoids. Rotary...
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    Hydraulic Valves - (660 companies)
    Hydraulic valves contain and transfer the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid in hydraulic power systems. They range from simple shutoff valves to precision control valves. In their unpowered state, hydraulic valves can be normally open (open...
    Gas Valves - (505 companies)
    ...are designed for both on/off and throttling functions. Other types include poppet valves, pressure relief valves, regulators, safety valves, and sampling valves. Compressor valves as well as servo, shut off, solenoid, spool, toggle, underwater, and vacuum...
    Butterfly Valves - (1213 companies)
    Image Credit: Direct Industry. Solenoid operated valves use hydraulic fluid for automatic control of valve opening or closing. Manual valves can also be used, with a solenoid valve, for controlling the hydraulic fluid; thus providing semi-automatic...
    Valve Actuators - (844 companies)
    ...when a system must be quickly isolated or opened. Fast action is provided by hydraulic, pneumatic, and solenoid actuators. The speed of actuation is set by installing the correct orifice in the lines and the valve is closed by spring pressure, which...
    Gate Valves - (1131 companies)
    Gate valves and knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the media stream to shut off flow. Gate valves (also known as knife valves or slide valves) are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element...
    Check Valves - (1872 companies)
    Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. Check valves are self-activating safety valves...

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  • Optimal control of hydraulic position system employing high speed On/Off solenoid valve
    Optimal c~ntm] of maae- five suspension sy~m employing the high speed ON/OFF solenoid valve [J]. Jtmmal of Central South University of Tedmolosy( English Edi - tim), 1997, 4(2) : 137 - 140 .
  • Advanced Designs and Researches for Manufacturing
    The process control computers primarily control devices such as motors, solenoids , pumps, valves , lights and heaters etc. Chemical water control room can be achieved on ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI , acid and alkali equipment control …
    … an important cleaning measure, reverse osmosis units will frequently have a concentrate flush solenoid (see Figure 4 … It applies to most components of a high-purity water treatment system, including multiport valves , pretreatment valve nests, water storage and distribution systems and electrodeionization ( EDI ) systems.
    … Calif., showing solinoid valves and manifolds;John Guest USA Inc., Pine Brook, N.J., showing plastic and brass push-in fittings, polypropylene shut-off valves and linear low-density polyethylene tubing; KIP Inc., Farmington, Conn., showing solenoid valves ,levercontrols,flowswitches,checkvalves and … … Technologies, Sarasota, Fla., showing its double-pass industrial RO systems and new Ultra- EDI -7 electro-deionization …
    Norgren exhib- ited its lines of solenoid valves . Haliant Technologies showed its Electro-Deionization ( EDI ) systems for high-purity applications from 15,000 to over …
    Alcon, a manufacturer of solenoid valves and subsidiary of ITT Corp., has appointed Robertson Industrial Sales, Inc. to repre- sent Alcon valves in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and northern Florida. EDI .
    SAFER thrusters are actuated by the control electronics assembly (CEA) using the valve drive assemblies (VDAS). ‘1’hc VDAS shall have the capability of sensing current ftow through the thruster solenoids aud providing discrete … 3 1 ) ~’l] eDI ?Asliallacc(:l)t ~)erforltlarlce data atldsyster~l ~)arar~leters frornthe CEA .
    Diagram of modified solenoid valve and control circuit used in sampling interstage flow streams. The quantity Vo x^as calculated from Edi ^rards' equation, L was knovm, and .
  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms
    … Also known as X.12, a technical standard for the transmis- sion of EDI messages over telecommunications … ANSI Class: A strength designation for valves which show the maximum pressures at various temperatures at which … … then modulates thebrake pres- sure in the appropriate brake lines by means of the solenoid -operated valves.