Solenoid Valve Connectors Information

Solenoid valve connectors are used to connect solenoid valves and pressure switches. Solenoid valve connectors are often used as environmentally resistant junction boxes. These protective enclosures can be used with either hydraulic or pneumatic solenoid valves or pressure switches.  Specific devices are capable of working with either AC or DC voltages, although some types can handle both.


Solenoid valve connectors are configured to conform to specific connector styles.  These styles determine the types of devices with which the given solenoid valve connectors can function.  Some of the most common connector types include Industrial Form B (ISO Form B), Industrial Micro-Mini (ISO Form C), DIN 43650 Form A, DIN 43650 Form B, and DIN 43650 Form C.  ISO Form B connectors have 11 mm contact separation and are commonly referred to as Industrial Standard Mini.  Similarly, ISO Form C devices have 9.4 mm contact separation and are commonly known as Industrial Standard Sub-Micro.


The three DIN 43650 styles, Form A, Form B, and Form C, have 18 mm, 10 mm, and 8 mm contact separations, respectively.  Form B is commonly referred to as a “micro” connector, while Form C is often referred to as a “sub-micro.”   Solenoid valve connectors may also be customized according to customer specifications.

Standard Specifications

When selecting between available solenoid valve connectors, it is important to keep in mind a number of standard specifications and how they refer to the given application.  These specifications include the maximum rated voltage (the maximum voltage the connector can safely transmit), the maximum operating current (the maximum current the connector can safely transmit), the on-off delay (the time delay associated with a signal traveling through the connector), and the operating temperature (the operating temperature range through which solenoid valve connectors can function).


In addition to the standard specifications, a number of option features for solenoid valve connectors are also available.  These include styles, which have built-in surge suppressors, and styles with an indelible LED to indicate when the solenoid energizes.