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  • Diverter Valve Handling Zinc Oxide
    Valve between produce receiver and rotary valve
  • Black oxide passes hydrogen-embrittlement test
    by hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen is an acknowledged by-product of many surface-treatment processes including black-oxide coating, and zinc and cadmium plating. Acid cleaning prior to plating is of major concern because it can generate hydrogen on the fastener surface. Plating can involve
  • Medical Device Link .
    Nanosprings Could Lead to Biomedical Sensing Applications A new zinc oxide nanostructure could end up forming the basis for parts of medical microsystem applications. (Atlanta) have developed a technology called nanosprings. Helical shapes are formed from long single crystals of zinc oxide
  • Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory (.pdf)
    circuit components. The varistor is composed primarily of zinc oxide with small additions of bismuth, cobalt, manganese and other metal oxides. The structure of the body consists of a matrix of conductive zinc oxide grains separated by grain boundaries providing P-N junction semiconductor
  • Nanogenerators Powered by Body Movement
    Wang of Georgia Tech, a team of researchers have proposed and developed a broad range of these nanoscale devices. Wang believes he can produce enough current to power the devices through a piezoelectric-induced discharge. To make the generators, researchers first grew arrays of zinc oxide nanowires
  • A New "Twist " On Nanostructures
    Zinc-oxide nanostructures resembling a DNA helix could let engineers build nanoscale sensors, transducers, resonators, and other devices that rely on electromechanical coupling, say developers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Zhong Lin Wang, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Materials
  • Medical Device Link .
    and carbon nanotubes * two-dimensional platelet structures, for example, layered double hydroxides and smectites * sphere-like three-dimensional structures, for example, silica, zinc oxide and bariumtitanate. Intrinsically hydrophilic particle surfaces and hydrophobic
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    looks anemic Mentor Graphics Chairman Wally Rhines foresees a very different recovery for the EDA industry from the latest and longest economic downturn. Zinc-oxide structure joins nanoscale-device push Nanorings, a new type of geometry in the quest to build nanoscale devices, hold out near-term promise

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