Powder Coating Equipment Information

Powder coating equipment sprays resin powder onto the surface of a pre-heated component, where the powder fuses and cures producing a protective coating. Powder coating equipment is available in complete systems, or as individual components or sub-systems.


Powder coating equipment includes electrostatic coating equipment and fluidized bed systems.


Electrostatic coating charges paint droplets or coating powder particles and then sprays them toward a part with an opposite and attractive electric charge. Since the charged powders in the spray stream are attracted toward the part, the electrostatic process help minimize overspray and waste. Powder coating equipment provides different options for electrostatic or charging technology.

Corone charging — The primary force for material transport in corona powder coating systems is an electric field established between the charged powder cloud and the part. Corona powder coating guns use a high-voltage generator or power supply to disassociate air and produce a stream of negative or positive ions, which in turn imparts a like charge to the powder cloud. The potentials of the charged cloud and gun electrode combine to generate an electric field with the opposite pole (the part). Charged powder particles at the gun seek the lower potential of the opposite pole (the part).

Tribostatic charging — With tribostatic powder coating equipment, a tribo gun imparts a charge to the powder strictly by physical contact and movement between the powder and a surface capable of donating or receiving electrons. Tribocharging is the process of creating a static electric charge on powder particles by friction against a non-conductive material. All powder guiding parts in the gun are lined with insulating materials. The gun has a friction body with a complex pattern of turbulators through which the powder passes to maximize mixing and contact with the surface providing enhanced charging. The velocity at which powder is liberated from the gun, and not the field potential between the part and powder, controls the powder transport.

Fluidized Bed

In fluidized bed systems, air is blown up through a porous bed or screen to suspend coating particles thereby forming a fluidized bed. Hot parts are inserted into the fluidized bed allowing the powder coating particles to stick onto the exposed surfaces. Coating powders in a fluidized bed can also be charged for the application of thicker coatings.

System Options

Coating outfits, kits or packages are small, portable machines or systems with all of the components required for the coating process. For example, a wet spray paint outfit may consist of spray gun, pressure tank or spray cup, hose, nozzles, pump and ancillary components.


Portable packages or outfits are capable of being carried or transported to a worksite, plant, or field area. Components or sub-systems may include upgrades or replacement parts for individual coating or painting components or sub-systems such as pumping units, spray guns, dip tanks, plating power supplies, booths, roll coating heads, process water systems or dust collectors.


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