Equipment used to manufacture or process semiconductors.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Categories

Air Showers (20 suppliers)

Air showers use jets of filtered air to clean particle contamination from personnel and equipment during entry into a cleanroom environment.

Clean Benches (94 suppliers)

Clean benches are designed to protect biological specimens by bathing the work area with air that is free of particulate contamination.

Cleanroom Pass Throughs (21 suppliers)

Cleanroom pass throughs consist of a small airlock chamber with two doors and allow equipment and personnel to enter a cleanroom while preventing particle contamination of the cleanroom environment.

Cleanroom Supplies and Accessories (203 suppliers)

Cleanroom supplies and accessories include garments, flooring, lighting, ducting and other items used in cleanroom settings.

Cleanrooms (185 suppliers)

Cleanrooms are contamination-free environments where high-tech manufacturing and assembly take place.

Semiconductor Cluster Tools (58 suppliers)

Semiconductor cluster tools and equipment are used to process semiconductor wafers for the production of microelectronic components.

Semiconductor Metrology Instruments (185 suppliers)

Semiconductor metrology instruments are designed for wafer and thin film in-line inspection after semiconductor processing. They include capacitance gages, C-V systems, electron beam probes, ellipsometers, interferometers, I-V system, magnetometers, optical systems, profilometers, reflectometers, resistance probes, RHEED systems, and X-ray diffractometers.  

Semiconductor Wet Process Equipment (115 suppliers)

Semiconductor wet process equipment performs a variety of wet processing applications including etching, washing, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), and spin coating in semiconductor or microelectronics manufacturing.

Semiconductor Wire and Wedge Bonders (17 suppliers)

Semiconductor wire and wedge bonders include tools for die bonding and wire bonding. Theyare used to attach and interconnect a semiconductor die or IC chip to a package or substrate. Die bonding tools include bonding capillaries, bonding wedges, EFO wands, die attach collets, die shear tools, ejector pins or push up needles, flip chip tools, spanking tools, push-up needles (pepperpots) and tab tools (microBGA, waffle).


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Category: Air Showers
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