From Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Volume 2, Seventh Edition



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The Code of Practice covers UK legislation, containers, identification and marking, valves, handling and storage, transportation, emergency procedures and personnel training. Data sheets for 114 gases are included [1]. An inexpensive wall chart summarises the important properties of 116 gases and volatile liquids [2]. The Gas Data Book gives comprehensive details of handling techniques and cylinder equipment necessary for 120 gases [3], and the newer guide covers the design of gas systems, premises, cylinder handling and storage, and air-monitoring techniques for a range of gases [4]. Another volume covers all aspects of handling gases in gas, liquid and solid states [5].


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Several incidents of pressure build-up in sealed containers of solutions...

Products & Services
Pharmaceutical and Medical Gases
Pharmaceutical and medical gases are pure fluids which are used to synthesize, sterilize, or insulate processes or products which contribute to human health. They are also administered to patients as therapy.
Laboratory and Calibration Gases
Laboratory and calibration gases are specialized for use as laboratory standards, as well as for detection, sample preparation, environmental monitoring and analysis applications.
Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems
Gas cabinets and distribution systems consist of vaporizers, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, mass flow controllers, valves, pressure sensors and associated interconnect tubing configured to deliver bulk and specialty gases to process equipment.
Food and Beverage Gases
Food and beverage gases meet stringent quality controls for their implementation as food ingredients or as a food contact substance.
Industrial Gases
Industrial gases are pure elements, molecular compounds or mixtures that are gaseous or vaporous at room temperature and pressure.

Topics of Interest

HALOACETYLENE DERIVATIVES HYPOHALITES HALOACETYLENE DERIVATIVES C ?CX Whiting, M. C., Chem. Eng. News, 1972, 50(23), 86 Brandsma, 1971, 99 Kloster-Jensen, E. et al., Chem. Eng. News, 1978, 56(19),...

Delivery of specialty gases to semiconductor customers will continue uninterrupted despite a spontaneous fire at its facility in Newark, NJ, Matheson Gas Products announced. The fire at the Newark...

IGNITION SOURCES ISOXAZOLES IGNITION SOURCES Howard, W. B., Chem. Eng. Progr., 1970, 66(9), 59 65 Enstad, G., Reconsideration of the Concept of Minimum Ignition Energy, Euro. Fed. Chem. Engrs. Wkg.

Overview Whilst gases are sometimes prepared in situ for cost and safety reasons (e.g. to remove the risk associated with their transport, storage and piping to point of use) they are more often...

BATS tert-BUTYL ESTERS BATS Anon., Chemical Engineer, 1993, 546/7, 33 Various, Chem. Eng. News, 1993, 71(38), 64; 71(41), 60 An explosion demolishing an empty building was dubiously attributed to...