From PRINCE2 Revealed: Including How to use PRINCE2 for Small Projects

Figure 10: Top-level diagram (PL)

What does the process do?

  • Defines the levels of plan needed for the project.

  • Decides what planning tools and estimating methods will be used.

  • Identifies the products whose delivery has to be planned.

  • Identifies the activities needed to deliver those products and the dependencies between them.

  • Estimates the effort needed for each activity.

  • Allocates the activities to resources and schedules the activities against a time frame.

  • Analyses the risks inherent in the plan.

  • Adds explanatory text to the final plan.


PRINCE2 offers a standard way in which to produce any level of plan. This means that all plans will have the same format and method of development. The process is based around the PRINCE2 technique of product-based planning.

PL1 Designing a plan

What does the sub-process do?

  • Decides on how many levels of plan are needed by the project.

  • Identifies any planning tools to be used.

  • Identifies the method(s) of estimating to be used.


This sub-process is carried out only once per project, the first time that the planning process is used. It defines the standards to be used in all future plans. The result should be a consistent set of plans.


  • Decide on what levels of plan are needed for the project, i.e. project plan, stage plans, team plans.

  • Ascertain if the organization or programme uses a particular planning tool as standard.

  • Identify the planning tool to be used in the initial project plan, part of the project initiation document.

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