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Maintenance Work Management Processes: Maintenance Strategy Series, Volume 3

Chapter 4: Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Overview

Every work management process is dependent on the effectiveness of maintenance planning and scheduling. For this dependency to be understood clearly, it is necessary to have a common definition of maintenance planning and scheduling. This chapter provides an overview so that the terminology can clearly be understood in the work management process.

A Decision-Making Process

Maintenance planning can be defined as a decision-making process that focuses on the future. The decision-making in maintenance planning is a five-step process.

  1. Identify the tasks

  2. Identify and develop plans

    Primary and secondary plans

  3. Evaluate the plans

  4. Choose the best plan

  5. Process and execute the best plan

Identifying the tasks is simply taking the work that is requested on a work request or notification and converting it to a work order. Identifying and developing the plans indicates the planner will consider several methods of accomplishing the work. The planner will next evaluate the plans based on the actual work activities, the skill sets available, and the time frame available to perform the work. Based on this evaluation, the planner will select the best plan. The planner will then develop and schedule that plan, and see that it is executed.

The planning process requires utilizing technical skills to convert a conceptual methodology of performing work into an actual plan to perform the work.

Work Orders

Work orders are the key documents that enable planners to be successful. They are central to successful planning and scheduling. The more effective that the work order system is, the more...


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