Adjustable Probe Head -- MH20i
from Renishaw

A manually adjustable probe head featuring TP20 stylus module changing. MH20 is a manually adjustable probe head with an integral TP20 kinematic stylus module mount. The A-axis rotates through 315 ° in the X-Y plane. The B-axis rotates through 93 ° in the Z plane. A thumbwheel locks the... [See More]

  • Sensor Type: Kinematic
  • Mounting: 2-Axis Adjustable Swivel
  • Probe Type: Touch-Trigger
  • Dimensions: 48 mm Diameter
from Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.

Three LED probe body with 14mm swivel shank, RTTP compatible [See More]

  • Sensor Type: Kinematic
  • Mounting: Swivel Shank
  • Probe Type: Touch-Trigger
  • Connector: 5 Pin DIN