Hopper Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders Datasheets

Motorless EZ Loader -- NSO-1
from DME Company

Motorless Venturi Loader. Operates on compressed air. Perfect for transporting material from drying hopper granulators or boxes. Easy-to-use & install the EZ Loader is fully automatic starting and stopping is controlled by the proximity sensor. Unit requires compressed air and 120/1/60 power,... [See More]

  • Bulk Container Type: Hopper
  • Material Type: Polymers
  • Loader / Unloader: Loader / Filler
Stamping Scrap Handling
from PRAB, Inc.

Boost your productivity with our automated Metal Stamping Scrap removal equipment and maximize your press "up-time". Efficiently collect, transfer and distribute all types of metal stamping scrap (wet or dry) with a unique Prab engineered heavy-duty conveyor system designed for thin, medium or heavy... [See More]

  • Bulk Container Type: Hopper
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor
  • Loader / Unloader: Unloader / Discharger
  • Material Characteristics: Dry or Free Flowing