Specialty / Other Ceramic Insulation and Textiles Datasheets

Tetraglas® 3000 Twisted Rope
from Darco Southern, Inc.

Manufactured from texturized, silica yarns for service temperatures to 2300 °F in static applications. When used as caulking, the Tetraglas ® 3000 Twisted Rope offers the same construction as older, outdated materials. [See More]

  • Type: Fabric / Cloth; Rope or Cordage; Twisted Rope
  • Width / OD: 0.25 to 1.00
  • Material: Quartz / Fused Silica
  • Length: 26.7 to 323.0
Knauf KoolDuct® System -- R-6.7
from Knauf Insulation

Thermal conductive, doesn’t promote microbial growth [See More]

  • Type: KoolDuct System
  • Thickness: 0.8750
  • Material: Carbon or Graphite; CFC-Free Phenolic Foam Board
  • Width / OD: 154.75
FireMaster 200 Board
from Morgan Advanced Materials

A wide range of insulating boards is available in varying densities to provide effective rigid core material in fire protection applications. Morgan Thermal Ceramics are able to offer a range of high strength, durable and easy to install fire insulation products. Densities range from 200kg/m3 to... [See More]

  • Type: Board
  • Features: Flame or Fire Retardant
  • Applications: Fire
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX56
from ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc.

ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. offers a wide range of insulating refractory felts, papers and blankets. These non-woven, asbestos free, fiber-based products are engineered as thermal barrier materials. Commonly used in the molten metal casting and heat treating industries, ZRCI's felts and... [See More]

  • Type: Fabric / Cloth; Nonwoven; Felt
  • Thickness: 0.0312
  • Material: Alumina
  • Width / OD: 24.00

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