Electronics Absorbents and Adsorbents Datasheets

Clay Desiccant -- CL1/2UNIT [02BL10A13 from Desiccare, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

Meets MIL-D3464-E Type I & II. UnitPaks are used in a variety of applications including shipping of electronics, aerospace, military, machinery, and many more. Packaged in moisture proof pails. Humidity control for sealed packages and containers. Non-dusting for crucial applications. Montmorillonite... [See More]

  • Application: Electronics; Moisture Control; Protection
  • Absorbate: Water / Moisture
  • Type: Absorbent; Desiccant
  • Material Type: Mineral Wool
Humidity Sponge™ Regenerable/Indicator -- Model 3150
from Control Company

Humidity Sponge ™ Regenerable/Indicator Complete Description. Humidity Sponges ™ meet all drying requirements. The latest in drying technology turns any container into a desiccator. Indicator bag particles show when moisture capacity has been reached. Nontoxic and ideal for clean rooms. [See More]

  • Application: Electronics; Moisture Control; Pharmaceutical; Sanitary / Food Grade
  • Absorbate: Water / Moisture
  • Type: Desiccant
  • Absorption: 16
H2O Moisture Absorbing Packets (cloth) -- H2O18186T
from H2O Control Products, Inc.

H2O Moisture Absorbing Packets attract water vapor like a sponge, vastly out-performing Silica Gel and other standard desiccants by 1000%. Available in a variety of sizes to suit many applications, their unique design enables each packet to capture water on a microscopic level by bonding with the... [See More]

  • Application: Electronics; Moisture Control
  • Absorbate: Water / Moisture
  • Type: Absorbent; Desiccant
  • Form: Pouch / Sack