Lifter Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Air Powered Three Pad Vacuum Lifter with Powered Tilt -- AT75M3-61FPL
from ANVER Corporation

Air Powered Three Pad Vacuum Lifter with Powered Tilt and Foam Seal Pads. Application: Lifting and Tilting Polished and Rough Stone 10 ft x 5 ft (3.1 m x 1.5 m) up to 750 lbs (340 kg) [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
  • Use: DirtStone
  • Maximum Load: 0.3750
Forklift Dumping Frame for Industrial Carts
from Cecor, Urso & Urso, Inc.

Some carts can be fitted with forklift pockets built into the cart base to engage forks from a rotator attachment on a lift truck. Loaded carts can be easily pushed and maneuvered by one person or picked up and transported by fork lift. Cart empties easily, quickly and thoroughly by rotating forks... [See More]

  • Product Type: Fork Tines; Lifter; Dumping Frame
  • Use: General Industrial
ATB AirBalancer -- AT B 120-2000
from Konecranes Inc.

The Konecranes ATB AirBalancer is unique in lifting technology. Using a floating load unit, it harnesses air pressure as the power source. Any load up to 350 kilos feels almost weightless as you move it to where you need it. Air balancing equipment is excellent for assembly processes, repair, and... [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter
  • Use: General Industrial; ShippingContainer (optional feature)
  • Maximum Load: 0.1323
Jaws Drum Lifter -- GEN260
from New Pig Corporation

Low-profile jaws slip inside overpack walls for safe drum insertion or removal. Jaws spread from 18 "-25 " to clamp top rim of tight-head steel drums. Lightweight enough (just 20 lb.) to be maneuvered by one person [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter
  • Use: General Industrial; Drum
  • Maximum Load: 0.5000
from RS Components, Ltd.

Industrial quality for handling glass panes, synthetic panels, coated wooden panels, sheet metal, marble and ceramics etc. Bodies manufactured from impact resistant plastic and the triple cup model has a cast aluminium body. Number of Cups = 2. Lifting Capacity = 80kg. Cup Diameter = 120mm [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
  • Maximum Load: 0.0882
Double Adjustable Drum Grab -- DRM313
from Dawg, Inc.

This adjustable drum grab mounts easily on forks and picks up drums automatically. Grab can be used on 30- or 55-gallon steel drums without leaving the driver's seat to engage or disengage drums. Double model. [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter
  • Use: Drum
Sheet Lifters
from Dearborn Overhead Crane

Sheet Lifters are versatile in the handling of bundles of sheets or other loads stacked horizontally. Efficient one person operation. Efficient worm gear drive with hand wheel, chain wheel or motorized leg adjustments. [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter
  • Use: General Industrial
Vertical Rail Lifter -- VRL400
from Positech Corporation

Overhead platform trolley and Positech Articulated Jib Boom mount options [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter
  • Use: General Industrial
  • Maximum Load: 0.2000
Air-Powered Rotator 500 -- Model PR49AIRS
from Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.

These Powr-Grip ® vacuum lifters use compressed air. in production facilities to lift loads and provide effortless 90 ° rotation. Standard Features: Vacuum gauge Vacuum reserve tank Vacuum line filter Spring-mounted vacuum pads Blow-off for quick release [See More]

  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
  • Use: General Industrial; SheetPlate; Glass Handling
  • Maximum Load: 0.2500