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  • Electronic Pressure Measurement Principles: Part 1 in a 5-Part Series
    measurement is based on the measurement of the change in resistance of electric conductors caused by a pressure-dependent deflection. The following equation applies for the resistance of an electric conductor: R = p x l/A. R Electrical resistance. p Resistivity. l Length. A Cross-sectional area
  • Spotting Electric Flowmeter Violations Using a Data Logger
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  • Medical Device Link .
    equipment has aided the development of pressure forming. Electric platens, for example, can be closed and exposed to needed air pressure without "backing off" or opening and losing the air-pressure seal. Using these platens, the former can overcome the "hot strength" of rubber-modified materials and push
  • Preventing Failures in Industrial Process Equipment
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the automated temperature monitoring solution for a customer producing plastic film in 5 plants across the US. Normally, at least one plant would burn out an electric motor (each costing about $120,000) every year due to gearbox seizures. Consequently
  • Regaining Control of Controls
    and reciprocating compressors when running them in parallel. Direct connections to the discharge air line of a reciprocating compressor produces pulsations which may be harmful to the pressure gauges, check valves, controls and the air oil separator element in the rotary screw compressor. The solution
  • Pulse Tool Selection Best Practice: Focus on Ergonomics, Productivity and Low Maintenance Cost
    inside the rotating chamber generating hydraulic pressure that produces torque. Air power is the power source that spins the anvil and resistance against the fastener causes the pulse unit to activate. Pulse Tool Selection Best Practice: Focus on Ergonomics, Productivity and Low Maintenance Cost
  • Torque SensorsWays to Measure the Force Acting on a Rotating Shaft
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  • SteeLog (R) - A Metallurgical Dictionary
    ; dull gray in appearance, have no spangle, and after proper preparation, are well suited for painting. A Elevation - The top level of the boiler firebox where four oil guns are located. The oil guns are used to produce steam and maintain pressure while the boiler is on oil fire. A.G.C. Systems