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  • Portable Hardness Test Technology for Assessing Titanium Weld Quality (.pdf)
    Portable hardness testing technology was developed in this project and was based on an oxygen equivalent (OE) database for CP titanium weld metals. The database was created by testing the properties of full penetration autogenous welds made from a number of heats and using different welding
  • Principle of Rockwell Hardness Testing
    The Rockwell hardness test is one of several common indentation hardness tests used today, other examples being the Brinell hardness test and Vickers hardness test. Most indentation hardness tests are a measure of the deformation that occurs when the material under test is penetrated
  • Hardness Testing of Metallic Materials - NIST Recommended Practice Guide
    The Rockwell hardness test continues to be applied as a tool for assessing the properties of a product while the tolerances on the acceptable material hardness have become tighter and tighter. Adhering to "good practice" procedures when performing Rockwell hardness measurements and calibrations
  • Portable Hardness Testing Facts
    Why portable hardness testing? Portable hardness testers have come of age since the late 90's, with a vast offering of high tech, digital instrumentation. Small, compact and menu driven, these instruments have never been easier to use for unlimited types of applications. There are two basic methods
  • FAQs For Hardness Testers
    Purchasing a new Hardness Tester? Eight questions to ask your supplier ARE THE TEST FORCES VERIFIED DIRECTLY? United´s model TRU-BLUE II forces are verified automatically using a force measuring device traceable to NIST --both at the factory and in the field! IS THE DEPTH SCALE VERIFIED DIRECTLY
  • Hardness Measurement: Invisible to the Human Eye
    tests are determined after the test force has been removed. Any effect of elastic deformation under the indenter is therefore ignored. Instruments testing hardness under load by continuously monitoring a complete cycle of increase and removal of test force obtain results that are equivalent
  • Indentation Test Standards
    The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has produced an international standard ISO 14577 [1] which can be applied to instrumented indentation testing. The calculation methods used by the CSM Instruments Nano- and Micro Hardness Testers include the methods described in this standard
  • History Of Nist Rockwell Test Block Standards
    in the form of reference test blocks. In standardizing the Rockwell hardness scales for Hardness Testers, NIST has employed instruments and procedures having the highest metrological accuracy possible. In June, 1998, NIST released the first Rockwell hardness reference test block standards for sale
  • Black oxide passes hydrogen-embrittlement test
    Protective coating has no adverse effects on fastener life. Notched square-bar specimens are black-oxide coated and tested to failure to determine susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement. Fastener manufacturers routinely apply a protective finish to bolts and screws that prevents rust
  • Putting Q6A to the Test: Upon Dissection, Guidance Needs an Update
    for immediate release products. c) Hardness/friability: It is normally appropriate to perform hardness and/or friability testing as an in-process control (see section 2.3). This property was important when sugar coating tablets with a water matrix. There is no specific reason not to perform this test

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