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BRIM ELECTRONICS, INC. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new series of flexible tubings: BRIM'S BCT series of Convoluted Tubings run in TFE, FEP and Tefzel.

BRIM'S BCT series of helically convoluted tubing is run to MIL-T-81914
(TFE /2, FEP /4, Tefzel /5). They provide superior chemical & electrical flexing capabilities, as helical convolutions allow smaller bend radii than straight tubings.

The use of TFE, FEP and Tefzel means that all of these tubings are non-flammable (they won't support flame), highly crush, moisture, and fungus resistant. They are also chemically inert to most corrosives and solvents. Lightweight yet strong, they have excellent dielectric properties. Tefzel is also suitable for high radiation environments.

BRIM'S BCT series of tubings are suitable for electrical and electronic, aerospace, robotics & marine applications. They are autoclavable for Bio-Medical applications including ultrasonic cleaning & wafer baths, DI water heaters or hot acid etching systems and filling equipment. Tubings will be stocked in Natural (Translucent).

OPER. TEMPS. TFE: -90°C/+260°C FEP: -67°C/+200°C Tefzel : -100°C/+150°C

Ends can be cuffed and the tubing etched (run to order).

STD.COLOR: Natural (Translucent). Colors are available on request.

Oper. Temp. TFE: -90°C/+260°C FEP: -67°C/+200°C Tefzel: -100°C/+150°C