LiPOLY® Non-silicone gap filler material

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Thermal gap fillers are typically composed of a silicone polymer infused with additional components such as ceramic particles, silicone oil, and thermally conductive powders. These additives are aimed at enhancing the polymer's thermal conductivity.

However, conventional silicone oils and other constituents found in thermal interface materials (TIMs) have a tendency to degrade over time, when subjected to varying temperatures or pressures. This degradation can lead to the migration of the liquid along surfaces, forming an oily film or evaporating as a gas, thereby posing risks of contamination to surrounding areas. Such contamination can result in issues like electrical contact failure and reduced optical transmittance.

In contrast, LiPOLY's non-silicone TIM offers several advantages that make it suitable for a wide range of applications, mitigating the aforementioned risks and ensuring reliable performance.