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  • Some electrical questions - Self Help Forums
    The secondary of the transformer has a center tapped winding providing both 120V (Line to Neutral) and 240V (Line to Line). .... is either a three phase, 4-wire WYE system at 208V/120V or 480V/ 277V or a three…
  • Solid Waste Operations Complex W-113, Detail Design Report (Title II). Volume 3: Specifications
    …facility shall be extended from the 480V disconnect switch mounted on the outside wall of the trailer to a 480 V , 3-phase, 4-wire … which shall supply power to a 3-phase, 480-208Y/120V dry type transformer located in the mechanical/electrical … distribution panel board in the General Office Buildings mechanical/electrical room and a 480Y/ 277V , 3-phase, 4 .... Provide a 208Y/ 120 V, 3-phase, 4-wire distribution panel board in the retrieval staff change…
  • Neutral - Self Help Forums
    …hand, if you have a WYE supply, such as a 208Y/120V or 480Y/ 277V , then you have .... The voltage to neutral is 1/1.73 of the phase voltage. .... With a WYE arrangement of transformer secondaries, the neutral is connected to the common point where all .... A 208Y/120V supply is common in commercial buildings to provide for 120V circuits.
  • Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II) Conceptual Design Report
    A new 800A, 277V /480V, 3 Phase, 4 wire feed from this unit substation will be provided to service EBD2 and FEE2 process and facilities loads. .... The majority of the EBD2 process racks and associated transformers and distribution panels will be located in .... The Electronic Beam Dump Tunnel will be provided with 120V convenience outlets and 480V welding receptacles.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, July 29, 2004 > [69 FR 45376] Energy Conservation Program for Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Energy Conservation Standards f...
    208Y/ 120 to 600Y/347V. .... 2000kVA, 150°C, three-phase, 60Hz, 12470 V primary, 480Y/ 277V secondary, 125kV BIL. .... modified design-option approach, where a third party creates a database of viable transformer designs and estimates…
  • Phase II report on energy efficient electronic ballasts for a two-40 watt fluorescent lamp system
    120V 60Hz. .... llCl~;ts u:)cd '!:ere Adv:lllCC Transformer . .... 2 SL,,()--3. 277V 68 Hz balL,~;ts sclr;ctcd for equal lumens per WCl t .... larger tolerance being due to limited stock dvaUJ:bl c for ~)ciection.
  • IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Systems in Health Care Facilities
    Depending on other equipment requirements, applying 277 V lighting may increase the number of 480Y/ 277V panels on each ßoor and/or in each electrical room. .... Typical beneÞts of 277 V lighting include reduced system losses, reduced number of branch circuits for lighting, reduced sizes of power conductors, reduced heat gains on the air conditioning system due to power losses, and segregation … equipment operating at 208Y/ 120 V. .... If this is not possible, then ÒbuckÓ/Òboost,Ó autotransformer, or standard two-winding transformers should be considered…
  • voltage: 200, 208, 230, 240?
    …rectifiers 24v DC 300-400A with either power, just abandon 1/3 of the transformers . not clean, lost .... The reason for using the term 240 v 2 phase or 2/2 is to separate it from .... Or the 277v single "phase to ground" voltage of 440V 3phase wiring. which we note as 277 v 1/3P. .... The Dynasty is great, we have run it on 120 , 240, 208, 440, It loves them all…
  • CR4 - Thread: 277VAC Output
    Location: Placerville, CA (38° 45N, 120 ° 47'W). .... In reply to #36. .... Re: 277v ac output. .... Here's the label of our 277 V transformer : .