Bored Hub - Round Universal Joints Datasheets

Universal Joint -- 70 01 008
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

Ball-and-socket joints. Ball-and-socket joints are very compact in their design and can be installed in cases where space is limited. Due to their sturdy design they are suitable for high-power transmissions. The maximum speed is dependent on the working angle and should not exceed 1000 rpm. The... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.31
  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 0.98
Square Ball Universal Joint -- TM
from CCTY Bearing

CCTY Bearing ’s Application Design Team has developed a smoother, stronger bearing. The square ball is capable of transferring torque through misaligned applications. A square ball has redesigned the century-old universal joint. Below are 3 advantages of the Square Ball Universal Joint TM... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Operating Angle: 0 to 25
  • Joint Type: Single
  • Maximum Torque: 0.0 to 0.2212
Universal Joint -- CN (Double)
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Max.speed: ≤4000RPM. Static breaking torque: ≤2500 N.m. Max.working angle 45 ° [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round; Keyed; Hex; Square
  • Hub O.D.: 1.26 to 2.36
  • Joint Type: Double
  • Bore: 0.630 to 1.378
APTD - CP -- Model J1200
from Ameridrives Power Transmission

Twin disc type universal joint, with coupling plate, no slip, close coupled [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 12.18
  • Joint Type: Double
  • Operating Angle: 15
J Series Pin & Block U-Joints
from Boston Gear

Overview. Boston Gear's precision-machined J and JS Series universal joints, commonly referred to as "pin and block" type, are designed for connecting shafts at angles up to 30 ° for speeds up to 2000 RPM. All 14 sizes are stocked in solid, plain, and finished bores in both steel (J) and... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38 to 4.00
  • Joint Type: Single
  • Maximum Torque: 6 to 16400
Standard Bore 303 Stainless Steel Joint -- SS641B
from Curtis Universal Joint Company, Inc.

Stainless Steel Single Joints — Bored Hubs. Many applications require corrosion resistant universal joints to assure sanitation or to avoid premature oxidation or deterioration. Curtis stainless steel U-joints are particularly important, for example, to industries that use food processing... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38
  • Joint Type: Single
  • Weight: 0.04
Huco-Pol -- 101.16
from Huco Dynatork

Materials & Finishes. Forked body members:Acetal (black).Cross pieces:Brass BS2874 CZ121. Chromate & passivate finish. Temperature Range. -20 °C to +60 °C [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.69
  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 2.10
Extendable Precision Joints -- GA/HA
from KTR Corporation

CLAMPEX ® clamping elements are shaft-hub-connections. They allow for a backlash-free and non-positive connection between cylindric smooth shafts and hub bores without keyway. The clamping elements are clamped via integrated screws which are used for non-destructive untightening of the clamping... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round (optional feature); Keyed; Hex (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
  • Hub O.D.: 0.63 to 3.74
  • Joint Type: Double
  • Bore: 0.236 to 1.969
Universal Joints
from Lovejoy, Inc.

Industry wide standard. Manufactured by Lovejoy since 1946. Wide variety of sizes and options available. Lovejoy has been manufacturing industrial universal joints for over 50 years. Our industrial universal joint product line is well established and provides you with a wide range of standard and... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round; Keyed
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38 to 3.00
  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 1.75 to 9.06
Economy Type -- UNCA10

Rubber cover available [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.79
  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 1.65
Double Delrin Universal Joints with Extended Brass Insert -- 111.06.1414
from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Features: Zero backlash to 108 turns. Up to 1000 RPM. Delrin ™ with Brass Inserts. Dual Set Screw Fixing Low mass, low inertia. Made in America [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.01
  • Joint Type: Double
  • OAL: 0.05
Alloy Steel Universal Joints-UJ Series -- UJ10
from Oren Elliott Products, Inc.

Can accommodate extremely large angular misalignments. Can accommodate extremely large radial misalignments, when used in pairs [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 0.62
  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 2.25
Universal Joint Shaft Coupling -- A-600-1-1
from Renbrandt, Inc.

Features Low cost Accommodates 40 º misalignment High torque - 8 ft/lbs. with set screws. (30 ft/lbs. with keys or pins) Long life Any diameter inside bore up to 7/16 Inch Dia. Applications For manual or medium duty usage such as multi-spindles. farm equipment. conveyors. process machinery. [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Bore: 0.188
  • Joint Type: Single
  • Operating Angle: 40
CW Series -- CWF
from Voith Turbo Inc.

Technical features. Compact shaft with very high torque capacity due to impact compression of journal crosses. Equipped with advanced radial and axial bearing assemblies. Torque transmission by Hirth teeth on the flanges. Torque range of 1140 to 11340 kNm. CW shafts are available with deflection... [See More]

  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Hub O.D.: 23.65 to 52.00
  • Joint Type: Double
  • OAL: 72.05 to 110.24