Materials Analysis Machine Vision Systems Datasheets

Sub-Micron Structured Light 3D Scanner -- MIKROCAD LITE
from LMI Technologies

MikroCAD delivers sub-micron accuracy and repeatability on a variety of challenging scan surfaces such as shiny, reflective and steep edges, in contrast to confocal solutions that are unable to handle steeply angled geometries. With MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology you can: Measure roughness and... [See More]

  • Applications: Edge Detection; Gauging, Scanning & Dimensioning; Materials Analysis
  • Image Source: Area Scan Camera; High Speed / Brightness
  • Network: 1
Machine Vision Software -- Visionscape® Machine Vision Software
from Microscan Systems Incorporated

Visionscape ® is a comprehensive machine vision software for multi-platform use and is a completely scalable, single-software package for use with gigE cameras and smart cameras. This means application developers only need to learn one consistent software environment, and can choose the most... [See More]

  • Applications: Bar / Matrix Code; Biotechnology or Medical; Color Mark / Color Recognition; Container or Product Counting; Edge Detection; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Electronics Rework; Flaw Detection; Gauging, Scanning & Dimensioning; Food & Beverage; ID Detection / Verification; Materials Analysis; Non-contact Profilometry; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); Parcel / Baggage Sorting; Pattern Recognition; Pharmaceutical Packaging; Presence / Absence; Production & Quality Control; Seal Integrity; Security & Biometrics; Tool & Die Monitoring; Web Inspection
  • Processor Speed: 2400
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based
  • Memory: 256
PCO Series -- Model PCO.1200 HS
from PCO AG

High speed 10bit CMOS camera inspection system, tablet pc, battery operated [See More]

  • Applications: Flaw Detection; Materials Analysis; Production & Quality Control
  • Inspection Rate: 1357
  • System Type: Turnkey / Complete System
  • Number of Imagers Processed: 1
2D Vision Systems
from SICK

SICK offers a powerful vision sensor portfolio designed to manage challenges in all industries where a standard sensor would not work. These vision sensors provide a full toolset for positioning, inspection, measurement and reading, depending on the variant. A flexible optical design fulfills the... [See More]

  • Applications: Assembly Quality; Color Mark / Color Recognition; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Flaw Detection; Food & Beverage; Materials Analysis; Pattern Recognition; Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Network: 1
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based
  • Image Source: Line Scan Camera