Circular Polarizer Optical Polarizers Datasheets

Acrylic Circular Polarizers -- OAC37-100100
from Knight Optical (USA) LLC

HNCP37 Circular polariser - 100x100x3.4mmthk.Clear. Polaroid circular polariser HNCP37 consists of a linear polariser laminated to a quarter-wave plate. Its most common use is to block specular reflections from displays. The matt non-glare finish helps to suppress reflections from the polariser it... [See More]

  • Optical Polarizer: Circular Polarizer
Double Glan-Taylor Prism Polarizer
from Qioptiq

Composed of a symmetric arrangement of three air-spaced (uncemented) calcite prisms. Extremely large extinction ratios. Large angular fields of view. Mounted, fits to Microbench. Transmits over the range 250 - 2300 nm. Length / aperture ratio = 1.8. Uncoated [See More]

  • Optical Polarizer: Circular Polarizer
  • Wavelength Range: 250 to 2300
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Clear Aperture: 12
3D Circular Polarizer -- APNCP41-110-GAR2
from American Polarizers, Inc.

API manufactures linear and circular polarizers for a wide range of 3D projection systems. Our polarizer filters are superior in clarity and resolution. Our 3-D linear polarizer and circular polarizer filters are available in the following substrates: * Acrylic (No coatings) * Glass (Anti-reflective... [See More]

  • Optical Polarizer: Circular Polarizer
  • Transmittance: 80
  • Extinction Ratio: 5.10E-4
  • Operating Temperature: -50 to 70
Dontech Circular Polarizers DCP-44 Series
from Dontech Incorporated

Circular polarizers (CPs) are used to enhance the readability of emissive displays by suppressing internal reflections (by up to 99%) and improving the display ’s contrast. Circular polarizers are typically produced by the lamination of several different materials including a linear polarizer... [See More]

  • Optical Polarizer: Circular Polarizer
Dichroic Circular Polarizer -- CP-050-?
from Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

Meadowlark Optics Dichroic Circular Polarizers consist of a dichroic linear polarizer and true zero-order quarterwave retarder. Precisely aligning the retarder fast axis at 45 ° to the linear polarization direction ensures optimum performance. True zero-order retarders are used in the assembly... [See More]

  • Optical Polarizer: Circular Polarizer
  • Wavelength Range: 532 to 1550
  • Polarizer Application: Infrared; Visible
  • Clear Aperture: 10.16