In-line Velocity Flow Switches Datasheets

Universal Flow Switch and Flow Monitor -- FS10i
from Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)

The FS10i is a universal flow switch and flow monitor designed for simple insertion into ½ ” (13mm) or larger diameter pipes and square ducts. The unit is suitable for either liquid or air/gas applications. It is fast responding and highly repeatable to both increasing and decreasing... [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 to 0.50
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • End Fittings: In-line Threaded
Liquid Flow Transmitter and Switch -- FSW-9000 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FSW-9000 Series is a flow switch monitor that measures the velocity of the flow. It is ideal for use in measurement and control liquid applications. The FSW-9000 Series provides two output options: a 4 to 20mA analog output and a PNP/NPN output. For the 4 to 20 mA output, the electronics ’... [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line
  • End Fittings: In-line Threaded
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.50 to 0.75
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
Rheotherm Flow Switch -- Model 100CS
from INTEK, Inc.

Rheotherm flow switches provide reliable switch protection in all types of liquid or gas service. From critical monitoring of extremely low flow process additives to loss of flow protection in large water or air lines, we can handle most flow switch applications. With no moving parts, long term... [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line; Insertion
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.06 to 1.00
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • End Fittings: In-line Flanged (optional feature); In-line Threaded (optional feature); Tube End/Hose Nipple (optional feature); Sanitary
F62 Series Air Flow Switch
from Johnson Controls, Inc.

This control detects air flow or the absence of air flow in ducts, responding only to the velocity of air movement. The one-piece stainless steel paddle can be trimmed, if necessary. The control is supplied with mounting plate gasket. [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line
  • Process Media Type: Gas
  • Meter Technology: Paddlewheel
  • Velocity Flow Rate: 100 to 2000
SFL - High Precision Turbine Flow Sensor
from KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

Product Features. Flow Range 0.26-5.3 GPM Water. Bearingless Turbine Design for Long Life. All Plastic Wetted Parts. Accuracy ±1% of Reading. High precision at affordable pricing is the primary feature of KOBOLD's SFL turbine flow sensor. A bearingless design provides very high reliability. [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line
  • End Fittings: In-line Threaded
  • Meter Technology: Turbine
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
Electromagnetic Flowmeter -- 1000 EL Series
from Litre Meter Limited

Extended linearity electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner designed for wafer fitting between flanges. 25mm to 300mm [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.98 to 11.81
  • Meter Technology: Electromagnetic; Sonar; Turbine; Ultrasonic; Vortex (Shedding) Meter
  • End Fittings: In-line Flanged