Aluminum Metering Pumps Datasheets

Diaphragm Metering Pump -- PHP-800 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The PHP-800 Series of metering pumps are well suited for use in many applications, including; agricultural industries for pumping fertilizers, and in some cases pH lowering chemicals (acid); waste water treatment fields (including municipal); plating and metal finishing; and larger HVAC cooling... [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Discharge Pressure: 80.0 to 175.0
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0819 to 0.7001
  • Inlet Size: 0.500
AODD Aluminum ASTRA Pumps -- DDA 100
from ARGAL s.r.l.

Sturdy constructed die cast injection molded, welds free, aluminium alloy pump casings and manifolds. All parts assembled with interposition of static O ring seals and SUS bolts. Pump conceived from the drawing board to deliver easily and economically several optional features. Pneumatic distributor... [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Inlet Size: 1.000
  • Liquid Flow: ? to 43.5600
  • Discharge Size: 1.000
Motor-driven Metering Pump -- LKN32
from Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

In a class by itself - the LK is a motor driven, mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump with a maximum capacity of 114 GPH (432 l/h) and maximum pressure of 225 PSI (1.5 MPa). This expanded flow range makes the LK a perfect compliment to the E-Class Metering Pump Line. The LK Series is ideal... [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Discharge Pressure: 150.0
  • Liquid Flow: 0.1583
  • Inlet Size: 0.500
Verderflex® Hose Pump -- VF10
from Verderflex

Benefits of the VF include. Abrasion resistant – VF pumps are naturally rubber lined and hose life is independent of a product ’s abrasiveness such as lime or Silicon Carbide pastes. Dry running – VF pumps are operator proof eliminating costly downtime such as the burnt stators of... [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Discharge Pressure: 87.0 to 174.0
  • Liquid Flow: 0.7925
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
400 Series -- Model 401U/D1
from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Ultra-compact with single control for direction, speed, start/stop. Analogue speed control and remote switching via a 15D connectorThe 401U/D1 accepts standard 1.6mm wall tubing up to 3.2mm bore in seven different tube materials and has sprung quick-release tube clamps. [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Power Source: AC; 115Single
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0317
  • Pump Type: Dosing; Peristaltic; PositiveDisplacement
Apex Hose pump -- APEX10
from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Decades of experience and knowledge have combined with closely scrutinised customer feedback to deliver APEX10, 15 and 20, three new hose pumps from Bredel. Designed to suit all dosing, metering and transfer applications from 2.8 - 1200 litres per hour flow across a broad range of applications, the... [See More]

  • Primary Material Of Construction: Aluminum
  • Discharge Pressure: 116.0
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0123 to 1.7171
  • Inlet Size: 0.630